Japanese Bobtail cat

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Japanese Bobtail cat

Japanese bobtail retained his tail as a fluffy ball, pompon. These funny cats running around the streets of Japan for many centuries. Not all Japanese cats have a short tail, but on the Japanese prints of the XII century, you can see the cat zadik decorated with a fluffy brush no longer than the rabbit, quite compelling.


japanese bobtail “On the tops of mountains inhabited by a huge cat Nekomata that brings people to disease and death. All the troubles of man, all the sickness and death are enclosed in its tail, which looks like a snake…”

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This legend has existed in Japan in the XIV-XV centuries, which led to the tradition of trimming of the cats tails. This was especially true of cats who have reached the 10th anniversary, as if they had remained tail, they were considered the devil incarnate, or this very Nekomata. In all the figures of the time portrayed only cats with short tails. Thus zoologists believe that the mutation, providing knots and kinks in the tail, in cats only appeared in the XVI century.

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The images of ancestors of the Japanese bobtail come down to us from ancient times. A cat with a short forked tail was considered in Japan guise of the devil, it never touched, in contrast to the usual. That is why the short-tailed cats so Japanese brood. Japanese Bobtail, known as Maneki Neko, is widespread throughout Japan and are believed to bring good luck.

Physical Specifications

japanese bobtail Japanese Bobtail is not too large animal. Its elegant body is woven of muscles, and the head is shaped like a triangle that ends large, with rounded ends, ears. Forepaws is slightly shorter than the rear which, in turn, always angled. The Japanese Bobtail is long nose, which in completion to the overall picture carefully bent down almost to eye level. The eyes of the Japanese bobtail large, wide apart, oval shaped.
The coat of this breed of animal light, silky and of medium length, almost without undercoat, which avoids the hassles associated with seasonal molt.

However, there are also long-haired Bobtail: their soft shёrstka also tightly hugs the body and thus has no tendency to stall. Molting even long-haired Bobtail goes unnoticed. The main advantage of the breed – is without a doubt the tail. Moreover, it should be noted that the number of vertebrae in a not less than the other breeds. Just their size in relation to mutation reduced and deformed vertebrae themselves. With this length of the tail is between 6 and 13 centimeters. Different representatives of the breed’s tail can be twisted or straight, can be bent.

japanese bobtail Sleek and muscular, with long legs, with the back are longer than the front. This makes physiology bobtail more like kangaroos – because when jumping bobtail lands first on his hind legs and then touches the ground in front. This original jump, probably partly compensates for the lack of a tail, however, long hind legs and make a relaxed gait Japanese bobtail really special.


japanese bobtail Animal of the breed itself is very active. They are the real hunters. Muscular body contributes to their active operations both in normal times and in the game. Animals are very easily trained in contrast to other species. It is not aggressive and very loyal to his master animals.

Continued participation in the life of the cat family – a pledge of its balanced character and mental health of future kittens. Cats by nature are excellent mothers. Number of kittens ranging from three to six babies and always will be born strong, powerful and greedily suck. Cat diligently took care of them, keep an eye out for the procedure. For these lads need be watched!

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