Javanese cat

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Javanese cat

Cat representative of the type of oriental cats are very similar to oriental. Holder of a flexible, slim build and long fluffy tail. The coat is smooth, soft to the touch, lying close to the body, without undercoat medium length. The trunk is not very long, well muscled and graceful curves. The legs are strong, and at the same time elegantly thin, rather long. Front slightly shorter rear. Paws round shape, small size.
Eyes color of these cats as usual green or blue. For this breed is characterized by various types of color: for example color tabby, cream color, smoky, and others. By the nature of Javanese cat sociable and curious. Love people, easy to get along with other animals.

About breed Javanese cat

javanese cat javanese cat Javanese cat is one of the most attractive species of the eastern type. Coat of representatives of this breed seems short, if not pay attention to the tail. This is actually a long-haired cat breed. Especially pronounced in this area of ​​the collar, shoulders and, naturally, the tail.
By stature, these cats are thin, all parts of the body slightly elongated. Muscles are well developed. All this together gives the Javanese cat special grace.

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Javanese cat breed history

These longhaired cats began to appear in the litter in pure oriental, without any impurities. The first mention of the appearance of these kittens have been recorded on the island of Java, hence the name. Over time, they got the title of the breed.

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Javanese cat breed standards

According to addition of his body representatives Javanese cat breed is extremely elegant. You can admire them endlessly. They look fragile, but at the same time, muscular and agile.
The outline of her body stretched. Fold should be tight – not fat, but not skinny odd.
Head wedge shaped and long. Proportional to the body. Head straight line from the tip of the nose to the ears.
The neck is long and thin with the inherent features of Javanese cat elegance.
The ears are large, triangular, with rounded tips. Placed vertically.
The eyes are very beautiful. The shape of the almond-shaped, obliquely set. By size is not very big.
Eye color is usually green. Although some representatives of this breed can have blue eyes, sometimes there are different color – one eye green and the other blue.
Paws, body and tail rather long, proportional to each other. Their features are extremely harmonious and elegant, literally dazzle with their beauty.
Wool tight to the body. Soft to the touch, has no undercoat.

Disadvantages Javanese cat breed

javanese cat The main drawback of this breed is the uncertainty of color. Types of color Javanese cat very much – smoky, spotted, plain, white, and many many others.

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