Karelian Bobtail cat

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Karelian Bobtail cat

Karelian Bobtail is a breed of semi-longhair cats. In size, they are not very big, with a little square shape of the body. The tail is very short, in the form of a pom-pom.

History of Karelian Bobtail breed

karelian bobtail karelian bobtail As the name of rock, the birthplace of these cats is the territory of modern Kaleria. Some sources indicate that perhaps distant ancestors Karelian Bobtail is the Norwegian wildcat. The first descriptions of the breed appeared only in the early nineties of the twentieth century. And registered and received standard Karelian Bobtail in 1992-94 and is recognized only in the clubs WCF. Unfortunately this is a small breed and the world is almost not covered by staying within their homeland. But the owners of the representatives of the Karelian Bobtail love with their pets.

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Description Karelian Bobtail breed

The representatives of this breed is medium in size, but, thanks to the slightly angular features of the body is an illusion of a large build. A small, slightly elongated head, has a triangular shape. Whisker pads are well marked, strong cheekbones and narrow chin. From the forehead to the nose barely noticeable soft transition. Nose elongate, straight. Eyes of medium size, oval in shape, set obliquely. Eye color are all shades of green and yellow, mostly inherent color of amber and emerald green. It is important that the eye color was perfectly harmonious with the coat color. Extremely rare Karelian Bobtail with blue or colored eyes. Ears pointing forward, usually along the length of the average or slightly above average size, delivered directly and fairly high. Build with a superbly muscled, muscular with broad chest. Croup is raised, because the front legs slightly shorter than the rear. Legs are strong and powerful paws are small, oval. Tail, like all OES have kareltsev short and shaped like a pompom. Always upbeat, their tail is extremely mobile. Undercoat their rich wool in size can be of varying length, and the long and short. In cats with good health, it has a luxurious sheen. To touch their hair pretty hard, but touch her still very nice. In color are allowed virtually all possible colors and combinations.

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Character Karelian Bobtail breed

karelian bobtail karelian bobtail Like many other breeds, Karelian Bobtail is very friendly and loves affection. They are characterized by attachment to the owners and to the place of their residence. Such features as vindictiveness have not. Pretty othodchivy, even if they wronged. If the owner does not show too much attention to the cat, will not be imposed, but this is best avoided. Like to sleep in the heat. For a change of scenery, new people get used pretty quickly. To include children with condescending kindness. If they get bored too close attention to the baby, they are just being taken to a place inaccessible to the child.
To the brothers are also a good idea, because, as in the natural environment are used to living in small groups. They are not very sociable and because they can be heard meowing extremely rare. Though, if you still hear, hard to believe that this is a melodic “tweets” owns a cat. They are easier to rub on his leg or just touch the human foot to attract attention. Irritable on Bing very fit people as pets, the representatives of this breed.

Care and Maintenance Karelian Bobtail breed

Excessive care of these cats do not require. Health they are strong, with a strong immunity. This is natural, because, as they appeared in the wild, in the territory of a sufficiently harsh climate and, of course, endowed with many protective properties. They will approach life in a country house, where you can walk on the street, to hunt. But the apartment and they get along well. For cats of this breed is characterized by the fact that they do not mark territory. Longhair this breed once a week is enough to comb hair comb with a few teeth. A short-haired and that is easier – just pat them special mitten on which the trailer falling hairs.

karelian bobtail

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