Kippfenstersyndrom in cats. chances of recovery?

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A cat with Kippfenstersyndrom must be brought to the vet as soon as possible. Most of them bear the traumatic accident serious injuries that must be treated immediately.

Kippfenstersyndrom in cats: chances of recovery?
When Kippfenstersyndrom as quickly as possible to the vet.

If you find pinched her cat in the window, you have to deliver them quickly and carefully, because itself it lacks the strength. Pick up your favorite quite gently and upward out of his prison. Reassure him doing with her voice, move it as little as possible and seek immediate veterinarian. The treatment now depends on the type of injury from that suffered by your pet, from.

Treatment of Kippfenstersyndroms: What can the vet


Affected animals are usually under a severe shock, and must be treated immediately. An infusion is to stabilize the cat and give first aid for possible kidney damage. The veterinarian will now examine the cat thoroughly for broken bones, paralysis, bruises and internal injuries and treat accordingly.

Cats that have come with slight injuries will get administered to treat pain medication, because of the accident ensures that they took tons of bad muscle pain. For more severe injuries, the earlier it can be treated, the more favorable is the prognosis and the chance of cure.

healing of Kippfenstersyndroms: What is the prognosis of


If the cat could be found quickly and treated quickly, the chances are good, even if the healing time of injuries, drug treatment and need plenty of rest.

Important: make sure cats turn window Kippfenstersyndrom in cats: chances of recovery?

Was the cat squeezed too long, it may unfortunately be that your hind legs remain paralyzed, or their internal injuries are too heavy, and she succumbs to them. In addition, blood clots, which were not detected, threaten your cat’s life nor in the next few days. Observe and therefore care for your sick Stubentiger well.