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Korat cat

Korat, very beautiful breed of cat with nice hair and amazing eyes. This breed of shorthaired Asian origin, where it was formed for a long time.


korat His name, they take the name of one of the provinces of Thailand. There they are called “B Savate”, which means “fruit savate”, t. To. Color cats resembles the color of these fruits. In Thailand, there is a belief that the Korat bring happiness, so the cats of this breed is not sold and not bought. They only give a sign of friendship and deep respect. Korat – playful cat, but very jealous, and so it is better to bring up one by one and, if possible, in the community only 2 adults. By nature they are somewhat reminiscent of the “Burmese».
As one of the world’s oldest native breeds of cats Korat has a natural origin. It is the birthplace of Thailand (in the ancient Siamese empire). This cat was known there many centuries ago.
The first written mention of it, and the images are in the Thai literary monument of XIV century – a collection of poems dedicated to cats, which tells the story of three breeds: Siamese with brown markings (seal-point), copper-colored cat (probably Burmese) and Korat. This book dates from 1350 (9?) Year. Since then and until 1767, when the capital of Siam Empire was destroyed by the Burmese, Thais called (even now popularly called) Korat ‘B Savate “, which means” happiness ».
His new, modern name cat owes Corato (in the province of Korat on the Korat Plateau), where he moved in the XVIII century, the Thai royal court. The similarity of modern cats with ancient images Korat simply astounding.
At the National Museum in Bangkok, the manuscript of the book of the last century, in which the then-known breeds of cats were divided into 17, bringing happiness and 6 – are carriers of troubles and tribulations. There is given a sublime and colorful description of this cat in verse: “The fur color of her dark cloud, and his eyes – the color of a young runaway rice».
And in the old time, and to date Korat in Thailand found mostly in the homes of wealthy people, and it is difficult to buy, as it is very much appreciated as a bearer of happiness, why rock and try to keep clean.
They were first demonstrated in England, as Siam, back in 1896 year at the exhibition of the National feline club, but, to the dismay of the owners, were disqualified because they mistook for a blue Siamese cat that was found out only later. Since 1959 several Korat were imported into the United States, where only in 1972 were in the UK. International Federation recognized the breed in 1982.
Then there was a lull, and the cat did not leave his homeland until 1959, when a US Baniona was taken a couple animals.
In Currently, these cats the most in the US, where, since 1965, the association lovers Korat established strict rules under which pedigrees should be issued only to descendants of cats brought from Thailand. Furthermore, the activity engaged in their cultivation in Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, where they are also becoming increasingly popular.

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For Korat characteristic heart-shaped head, the absence of “pinch”, a well-developed chin and wide-set eyes and ears. The eyes are green on the second and fourth years of life. The ears are large, wide at the base, with rounded ends. Short nose, reminiscent of a lion. Teeth are markedly greater than that of other domesticated cats. The tail is broad at the base, tapering towards the end. Legs slender, rounded paws, front slightly shorter than the rear. The coat is short, shiny, dense neighborhood.
The color silver blue. The more silver, the higher valued species. In appearance resembles burmanskuyu blue cat, but also genetically close oriental blue. Korat – one of the few “pure” breeds, t. E. No man was bred by artificial means. Therefore, never use for mating partners of other breeds.
The cat is considered a mediator between the sacred Buddhist rituals and ceremonies worldly with roots back in pagan beliefs. Thus, religious action dedicated rain, is that after the prayers at the foot of the sacred statue of Buddha monks accompanied by musicians and dancers sneaked cat from house to house, and where the head of the family will have her special honors, she unto the earth with water. < br />
Despite the rarity of the breed and sufficient difficulty acquiring a kitten because of increased demand, the Korat is very popular in Thailand and is considered his nationality. It is said that on one of there posters at busy motorway was depicted girl in traditional folk attire and – as a symbol of wealth and prosperity – on her hands was a cat breed Korat.
At home, cats are known fighting qualities, but at the same time they are caring fathers and live happily with their cats and kittens. Cats – a very good mother, attentive and neat. The average litter of 3-4 Korat kitten. Cubs are born in the same color as that of adults, with an equally beautiful silver-gray fur.
The eyes of kittens are as radiantly green (which is preferable) and amber (which is acceptable standard). But it will take another 2-4 years before they become such as in adults, namely, widely spaced, protruding, very large (in the background of “person” even excessively), round, wide open at the sight, and closed – in form of liquor.

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Bark korat T – is friendly, intelligent and lively temperament being, loving kindness and accelerates the sadness in the house. It is often called the cat “cheerful charm.” Very affectionate to owners, it needs attention in the response.
Korat – playful cat, but very jealous, and so it is better to bring up one by one and, if possible, in the community only 2 adults. It is absolutely not for the nursery if she was forced to live with cats of other breeds, it can waste away so that it is able even to die. Although other conditions easily get along with other cats (the breed), more than that – willingly befriends peaceful, calm dog. Strangers, even people who are very sderzhanno. Po temperament similar to “Burmese”. They are affectionate, intelligent, mobile. They do not like sudden noise and bustle. Beautiful, calm and intelligent.
When they say that Korat easily adapts to the conditions of life, it is meant a quiet, well-organized way of life, but not the existence of a hectic bustling house full of children’s noise and so on. d.
The nature of this cat calm, intelligent, so she prefer meeting these requirements hosts with which it is much easier to find a common language. Korat not too “talkative” including females in oestrus. This is the perfect cat for those looking for a gentle, loving and quiet companion.


The cat of medium size, strong and muscular, flexible and elegant. In appearance resembles burmanskuyu blue, genetically close as oriental blue. Males are more powerful than the females.
The body of moderate size, slightly shorter than that of Orientals, but not to the same extent as in Manx, strong, slightly stocky, set low on the legs. Slim and powerful, it is smaller and more delicate females.
The back is arched and muscular as the small of the back, the chest is broad, long neck. The tail is of medium length, thick at the DOS korat Per secution and thinning to a rounded tip.
Legs slender, somewhat shorter forelimbs hind paws are oval. Pads from dark blue to lavender and pink glitter.
The head of average size, the wedge (muzzle – heart-shaped) shape with a broad forehead, large flat, between it and the nose has a slight bend. The length of the short nose is proportional to the form of the head.
The top half of the mirror is slightly rounded nose (like a lion), all mirror the nose and lips dark blue or lavender. Cheeks and chin are well developed.
The ears are large, with slightly rounded tips, broad at the base, set high, with a small internal pubescence. Ear set impression of liveliness and alertness.
The coat is short, shiny, tight, no undercoat, but with gloss, shorter and thinner at the back of the ears, nose and paws. Fur color silver blue, without shades and stripes. The shorter the hair, the more intense visible silvery patina. Silver tiping desirable only on the head, legs and feet. This silver plaque Thais called “sea foam.” The more her silvery, the higher valued cat.
«Single» coat Korat very easy to maintain in perfect condition. All that is required from the owners of this cat is a daily combing comb dead hairs that the cat does not swallow them, and then hover gloss suede or silk patches. The cat likes to be petted by hand, in addition, it is useful for hair and gives it extra shine.

Breed Standard

korat Description: Korat – cat of medium size, strong and muscular. Males are more powerful than the female.
Wool: No undercoat is short, a shiny, thin and close to the body. Very short and fine on the back of the ears, nose and paws.
The body is medium in size, strong and muscular, slightly stocky, with rounded back, set low on the legs. Forelegs slightly shorter rear.
Feet: Oval. The tail is of medium length, tapering to a rounded tip.
Eyes: Speakers, very large, sparkling and widely spaced. Round – When opened, the narrow slits – if closed.
Head: Heart-shaped with poluzaostrennoy muzzle, strong chin and jaw, large flat forehead. The nose is short, with a pronounced curvature of the tip of the nose. Smooth transition from forehead to nose. Ears alert, with rounded tips, medium-sized, high-seated, open at the bottom with a small internal pubescence.
Colour: Silver-blue throughout the body, with silver specks, gives shine, especially pronounced at the back of the ears and paws. White hairs, spots or stripes are not allowed. The tip of the nose dark blue or lavender. Paw pads dark blue or lavender with a pink tinge.
Eyes glittering green; kittens possible amber color.


This is the perfect cat for the content in an apartment or in a house without going outside.

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