List of poisonous plants for cats

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cat owners need to be especially careful that they get just the right shade of green stuff and non-toxic plants for cats in home or garden. In many plants the people are not even aware of how toxic they can be for your little darlings.

List of poisonous plants for cats
plants are usually harmless – but some are toxic to cats.

Our short list provides an overview of the poisonous plants for cats. It is not complete, but recognized common plants that are often in the home or in the garden. The degree of intoxication can be quite different for each plant. Some call only symptoms such as vomiting forth, while others can certainly represent a mortal danger in eating your cat.

short list of particularly poisonous plants for cats

A: azaleas, columbine, Agave, cyclamen

B: boxwood, ficus, stained root

C: Christusdom, chrysanthemums, calla

D: Dieffenbachia, Dipladenie

E: Ivy Euphorbis, monkshood, Plank, edelweiss

Q: foxglove, lilac, window sheet, ferns

G: laburnum, geranium, juniper

H: Honeysuckle (red), autumn crocus, hydrangeas, hyacinths

K: Kaladie, cacti, Crocus

L: laurels, lily plants, lupine, privet

M: mistletoe, daffodils, magnolia, lily of the valley

N, daffodils, nightshades

O: Oleander, daffodils, orchids

P: Philodendron, Primrose

S: daphne, snow on the mountains, holly, spindle tree

T: Tulips, belladonna, Thuka, tobacco plants, Trollblume

U: African Violets

V: Heliotropium arborescens

W: milkweed species, poinsettia, Wonder Bush, Woodruff

Y: Yucca

Z: bulbs, ornamental pepper

cat grass to nibble

also is crucial to the degree of poisoning in cats, the cat has included the substance and in what quantities. Some cat is not ornamental note at home or in the garden, while others accidentally nibble on it. Ask your velvet paws cat grass and non-toxic plants out so they do not even ranmachen to toxic green stuff.

In a suspected poisoning please consult your veterinarian immediately. Noticeable symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, salivation Increased, tremors, restlessness, staggering, paralysis, particularly narrow or dilated pupils, and strong excitement.

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