Loss of appetite in cats. Possible causes

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Loss of appetite in cats: Possible causes – Allcatsnames

If loss of appetite temporarily occurs in cats, the cause is usually harmless and there is no reason for concern. Worse, if it lasts longer than a day, or is accompanied by other symptoms.

Loss of appetite in cats: Possible causes
The causes for loss of appetite in cats should be investigated by the vet.

Most cats like to eat, and as often as possible. Is that not even the case which may have many harmless reasons: Maybe the new type of food does not taste good, maybe the neighbor has been kind and the Samtpfote given a special feed ration, or is it simply too warm outside. Worries you have to do until you can find one of the following signals.

When loss of appetite in cats should be ascertained from the vet

If your beloved house cat refuses to eat for more than a day, you should take him to the vet – even if he is stout and you think a few grams less it could not hurt. Does the cat knocked off, tired or even apathetic, but you should already ask a professional for advice with her.

The same is true for cats that get in addition to the lack of appetite fever, vomit or have diarrhea. Also if you notice any changes in your cat, it is better too much than once again to go to the vet too little.

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Possible causes for loss of appetite

Among the more benign causes for loss of appetite in cats include heat, heat cycle or a food that does not correspond entirely to their ideas. In these cases, the hunger is usually just as fast as how he has passed. Also, stress, grief and great changes such as relocations can cause your skin nose like eating anything.

Other common causes of anorexia are dental problems, inflammation of the mouth and throat or parasites such as worms. Suffers your cat to a more serious illness or poisoning, you recognize that as a rule of other symptoms and a poor general condition.