Lyambioz cats and cats

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Lyambioz cats and cats

Lyambioz in dogs and cats? pretty serious disease. Animals become infected when an infected cyst swallow.

It becomes a source of disease after visit the infected feces. From animals and people can become infected. The incubation period lasts from four to eight days.
As a rule, Giardia rarely go together feces as? Hidden? on the duodenal mucosa. They rarely settle below the small intestine. Particularly susceptible lyambioza small puppies and kittens. Settled by the parasite can alter gut microflora kids, because their body is observed quite a large number. Furthermore, Giardia may cause changes brush border, which subsequently leads to chronic diarrhea and malabsorption.

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Diagnosis of the disease

As a rule, giardiasis no pronounced symptoms. However, most cats have such features selection of soft and pale faeces in the form of pellets or feces come in the form of foam. In that case, if the animal is observed steoreya, feces can be greasy or shiny. But this is quite rare. Also occur, though not frequent, cases where diarrhea gets acute. However, as a rule, it can be chronic and stable.
Diagnosis of the disease is mainly based on the study of feces for the presence of cysts. And there are many methods of detection lyamb that are not entirely effective. Of course, it is likely a direct investigation may reveal the presence of parasites in the body. But this is not the most effective method. The most reliable way to detect Giardia in the animal body? collecting oral analysis of duodenal juice. Equally effective way – by extraction with ether. He concentrates cysts from feces.

How to treat the disease?

Treated lyambioz metronidazole dosage which should be about twenty-five milligrams per kilogram. Giving medication to be twice a day for ten days. After the treatment course is passed, there should be retested. There are cases when giardiasis in cats is a zoonotic disease that requires strict adherence to hygiene standards at the time of treatment.