Maine Coon. Typical diseases of the cat

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The Maine Coon is a large, robust cat that is not normally very susceptible to diseases. However, there are some typical health problems that occur with some representatives of this breed slightly more likely than other facility tigers.

Maine Coon: Typical diseases of the cat
Normally, the Maine Coon is a very robust cat.

With regular vaccinations, a fair attitude, a healthy diet and a watchful eye on changes keep your Maine Coon fit. A little more than some other breed you should also pay attention to the character of your room Tigers.

Maine Coon Cats: Being overweight is often a problem

Caution: The beautiful, cozy Samtpfote tends a bit overweight, especially if they come in the best years. Since the bones of big cats such as these should not be additionally burdened with too much weight, you should keep your pet healthy with a lot of games and good feeding. Regular feeding with balanced, healthy ingredients and not too many snacks in between ensures that the Maine Coon maintains its slim line and thus an important aspect of their health.

HCM and other race-typical diseases

Even with the selection of your kittens, you should make sure that your new protege comes from a reputable breeding and healthy parents has. Nevertheless, it is never completely ruled out that he might suffer from a breed typical cat scratch disease. One of them is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, HCM short, a congenital disease of the heart muscle.

This disease can manifest with cardiac arrhythmias and shortness of breath – typical symptoms such as panting after exercise, loss of appetite, bluish mucous membranes, high need for rest and too rapid heartbeat be sure to let clarify the vet, so that in a disease as quickly as possible the can begin drug treatment, thanks to which it should go quickly the cat better.

Other possible health problems

In addition, as with many large breeds, hip dysplasia is a problem that occur in cats of this breed and can develop already in the growth phase. This musculoskeletal disorder caused her problems in the movement, which can vary in strength.

Maine Coon buy: You should be aware Maine Coon: Typical diseases of the cat

Also, cases of spinal muscular atrophy, a nerve cell disease, can occur in the cat by the paralysis, are known. Just like the Persian cat also a polycystic kidney disease in the Coonies is quite common.