Measuring fever in cats

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Does your cat limp and exhausted, she might have a fever. Ideally, you should measure the fever a vet, so he can treat your feline friend in the same connection properly. However, less stress must endure your cat when you make the procedure itself.

Measuring fever in cats
How can a cat’s fever measure?

Anyone who is not sure if his pet is suffering from elevated body temperature, at his cat fever can measure themselves first, in order to spare her a ride to the vet. This is ultimately always associated with stress. Is it your cat but obviously bad, you should not hesitate too long before you visit the vet.

measure fever in cats: Always rectally

The most reliable way to measure fever in a cat is through the rectum. Use a commercially available digital thermometer and provided the tip with a little Vaseline to facilitate insertion. At best it works for two: While one person holds the cat, introduces the other the thermometer. Hardly a cat likes to measure fever with you, so give the claws eight.

Refrain should in any case to measuring the temperature in the ear of your feline friend. This feel even more uncomfortable than the animals, and it comes very quickly to injuries. In addition, the measurement result is not very accurate.

Maine Coon vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Measuring fever in cats

At what temperature does a cat fever?

Compared to people (36.0 to 37.0 degrees Celsius) is the normal body temperature in cats slightly higher: 38.0 to 39.2 degrees Celsius. If you measure fever and find a higher temperature, you should first rule out other causes: Lag your feline friend all the time in the sun or in a warm place, this could explain the increase in temperature. If the temperature was well above 39 degrees Celsius and they recognize more typical symptoms of fever in cats as jitter or rapid breathing, you should promptly see a veterinarian.