Megkonsky Bobtail cat

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Megkonsky Bobtail cat

The cat small size, with color, similar to Siamese, and tapered, docked tail. Former Thai Bobtail breed name. Adding these cats are very harmonious – they have good muscle development, it is inherent harmony and grace. Character is very similar to the dogs.

About the breed megkonsky bobtail

This breed is one of the oldest, her birthplace in ancient Siam. megkonsky bobtail The representatives of this breed are parties to a considerable number of ancient legends, they were accompanied by Thai princesses in their walks, Princess hung on the tails of cats bracelets, rings and other jewelry, while swimming, because of their unusual, unexpected izlomlennyh tails ornaments could not slip off. This unique type of tail is the hallmark megkonskih bobtail.
The representatives bobtail strongly developed hunting instinct, their body as if created for hunting – strong muscles and rapid movement.
Health these cats also does not hold. Their life expectancy of more than 20 years. . Puberty occurs very early, and the ability of reproduction they have retained almost the whole life. I on their highly developed parental instinct, to the offspring they are very tenderly and with loving care.

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The history of the breed megkonsky bobtail

According to one popular version of the appearance of the breed – Megkonsky Bobtail comes from the short-tailed colorpoint of Southeast Asia. For the first time representatives of the breed, has virtually disappeared, the territory of the former Soviet Union came about in the 70s of the twentieth century.
According to others the appearance of bobtail provoke mass breeding of so-called “royal Siamese cats.” In the USSR, they have become a very popular breed. They were imported from Thailand S. exemplary in the 50s.
Closer to the nineties club cats appeared traditional Siamese breed the species. They are distinguished from the Siamese only very short tails.
In 1994, O. Mironov has developed the first test for the standard workshop WCF judges and breeders. This standard was approved by the Conference of the CFF/PAR. And in the next two years, preliminary standards for the Mekong (Thai) bobtail taken WCF and FIFe.
August 15, 2004 Mekong Bobtail breed was officially recognized by the International Cat Federation (WCF).

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The character and habits megkonskogo bobtail

megkonsky bobtail Cats of this breed are inherent kindness and tenderness, but they are less affectionate than the Siamese.
Character balanced, tolerant of other animals, and pretty easy to get along with them and with their children. Very loyal to the owner, intelligent and curious. On a good attitude to themselves and caress meet full reciprocity.
Bobtail remarkably similar in behavior and habits of the dogs. Quite comfortable with the walks on a leash, like drag in teeth ball or stick. Easy to train, they can teach the various commands. Claws on hind legs they have not drawn, and because they are looking surprised when walking by them, just like a dog. Scratching and they are quite reluctant when defending rather they bite. Mekong is very loyal to his master, follow him everywhere. And what distinguishes them from other cats – is the ability to look into the eyes of a long time. Unlike other breeds Mekong not withdrawn his blue eyes when they look closely. If you live in the house will be a couple, after the appearance of the kittens you are surprised to find that for posterity mostly priglyadyvaet cat. He licks them, and teaches to a different food, playing and otherwise takes care of the children. Cat and kittens only feeds at the same time keeping an eye on how to cope with their responsibilities cat. And if it is something not satisfied, it may well bite the cat. The same will take it bravely and take note.

Legends of megkonskom bobtail

megkonsky bobtail In addition to the legends that the cats of this breed accompanied highborn princesses, there is also a legend of the guardian of the temple – Megkonskih Bobtail. During their protection cats often encountered in combat with snakes. And it helped that their skin is not tight-fitting to the muscles. If the bite of the poison enters the blood, the guards would be difficult to survive in such battles. But thanks to this feature only accounted bite into the skin where the blood vessels much less.

Appearance megkonskogo bobtail

megkonsky bobtail The body and limbs
The format of the body in the Mekong rectangular, developed musculature. Has grace and elegance of the structure. Feet medium size, oval paws.
The head, ears, eyes
Head of rounded contours, oval-shaped muzzle, chin strong, the owners of so-called Roman nose. Eyes oval, large, bright blue. The ears are wide at the base, with rounded tips, a little laid back.
The tail consists of nodes and hooks, short. Has about three vertebrae, however, must not be longer than a quarter of the length of the body.
Wool and its color
short with a soft gloss. Undercoat and therefore has no tight to the body. Color has a standard color-point.

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