Mites in cats. Symptoms

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mites in cats are a very unpleasant thing. Owners of infected animals can mostly observe different symptoms on them – Which they are, read here .

Mites in cats: Symptoms
cats with mites are usually plagued by itching.

cats can be infected by various species of mites, which include, for example, harvest mites and predatory mites belong. But most often occur ear mites. All have in common that afflict our pets very nice.

itching and other symptoms

Cats scratch with mites usually conspicuous and often strong. In addition, they suddenly preen more often lick the fur or chew on it and can thereby act hectic. Sometimes even bald spots or wounds and inflammations caused the skin.

mites in cats usually colonize a particularly sensitive area of ​​our pets: The ears. Especially in this area, the house cat scratch then remarkably often. Even the often suddenly shakes a quadruped’s head, rubbing his ears with his paws or kink it can be a symptom. Pain sensitivity and poor hearing may be added.

Regular checks with the flea comb

Not all cats let on a mite infestation. Even if your Fellnase So no more dressing than usual, but has changes in the skin, you should consult a veterinarian. It is possible that it suddenly looks dull and has the skin underneath encrusted bodies.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment Mites in cats: Symptoms

Once a week to go with a flea comb through the coat is a good idea. Lie down for a damp, white cloth ready, where you tap out the flea comb always after a few turns through the coat – red spots occur there, it could be that their house cat has mites or fleas.