Pokatushki – Funny Kitty


These amazing animals are of course primarily to remind us all of a taxi. Their short legs give them a little unusual and funny look. These animals touches everyone, because the impression of small toys. Just called fairy people of the book “The Wizard of Oz”.

The history of the breed Manchikin

munchkin Munchkin owe their origin to a mutation that occurred to be among the stray cats. In 1983, the United States picked up a pregnant cat breeder who brought offspring with characteristics of korotkolaposti. In 1991, the munchkins shown at an exhibition in the United States. Since 2003, Munchkin allowed to register titles (with three tribes in the pedigree). munchkin

Warrior cat names

In Europe, particularly in England and Germany even in the twentieth century, in the thirties were known for the amazing cat and fees. The Germans nicknamed cats with short legs “cat and kangaroo” because of their habit of sitting column during an inspection of the place of his hunt. The main part of the cats and the cats to look around, lifted and stands on its hind legs. Munchkin cats taxi, on the contrary, crouch, and in order not to lose balance, based on the tail. So they can sit quite a lot of time, as their front paws hanging at your sides. In this position, these cats are very similar to kangaroos. Looks all very amusing, these animals simply could not miss.

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Description breed Manchikin

munchkin But it is not only an amazing appearance allocates munchkins. It’s very clever, kind and affectionate animals. They are like dogs, like walking on a leash, easy to converge with all the pets, and their short stature does not prevent them. Cats taxis are very easy to come in contact with strangers and quickly become accustomed to elsewhere. Quiet character, dedication, small size makes them ideal companions for kids life and people living alone. Small children can do with these animals a lot of things wrapped in diapers, as dolls, roll in the machine, and even sprinkle sand at play in the sandbox. Cats love toys themselves. They are very active, loving beings, not snooty, but when attacking alien cats can fight back. At that behave unpredictably for attacking cats.

The variation of colors of cats, taxis are very high. We would like to note that even if the colors are the same, then a short, ie, half-length (as, for example, the Turkish Angora cats) fur look different than the long. Color Siamese colors and drawings are particularly good at rather short hair. In America rare munchkins with long hair, their colors stand out ashen tones. In France munchkins appeared in the mid-nineties.

Features and character of the breed Manchikin

munchkin Agile, playful, sociable; get along well with other cats, dogs and other domestic animals; attached to their owners, like to play with children; like walking and easily learn to walk on a leash; bad jump, but run faster than many dlinnolapyh rocks, climb trees well and are able to get into the narrow gap.

These cats are recommended for families with children, because the gentle and relaxed attitude to games with munchkin Children.

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