My cat has fleas? Recognize symptoms

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Do not know how to recognize if your cat has fleas? A brief overview of possible symptoms to help you.

My cat has fleas? Recognize symptoms
fleas in cats can be recognized by symptoms such as itching.

Especially if your cat is outdoor cat, you should be checked regularly for small parasites. That a cat has fleas, you agree to symptoms such as itching and allergic reactions.

Symptoms: If a cat has fleas

Almost every fifth card has little roommate as fleas or ear mites. The tiny parasites but are not always easy to recognize. Symptoms that a cat has fleas, are constantly scratching or itching. This behavior is caused by the bite of fleas.

Depending on the severity of the infestation and cat’s symptoms can be highly different. Some cats react very strongly to flea infestation: then come striking redness of the skin symptoms added – by frequent scratching open the bite marks of parasites, bacteria get inside it and an inflammation results.

If the itching does not want to stop, swelling can be seen and the skin changes significantly, then the cat may also suffer from a flea saliva allergy. Also hair loss is a sign of allergic reaction to the pests. Especially young cats with severe infestations also lose a lot of weight and suffer from anemia.

Flea control for cats: What is it? My cat has fleas? Recognize symptoms

How can you identify flea infestation without symptoms?

However, it is also often the case that no symptoms are visible. Although there is no indication that your cat has fleas, then you should investigate them anyway regularly with a flea comb. Because: Especially cats and roam outdoors often can be quickly infested by fleas.

Use the special comb drive several times through the fur of your cat. Then you knock him out on a damp white cloth. A flea infestation, you acknowledge stainless brew points on the cloth – these are the secretions of the tiny parasites.