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Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over 21.903 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Just browse Name your cat or filter the names by part of the names, we hope you get your perfect cat name here.

Name Significance (Origin) color
AmDisney’s Lady and the Tramp – One of the evil Siameseadded
Amber *for an amber-colored catorange / brown
Aphrodite *Greek goddess of beauty 
Aponi *indian: Butterfly 
ArleneGarfield’s girlfriendpink?
Artemis *Greek goddess of hunting / white cat from Sailor Moonwhite
Bella *The Beautiful 
Bonita*span .: The Beautiful 
Buffy *the vampire slayer of the same series 
Name your cat

The first cloned cat ( C opy C at)

Cat breeds – German Rex

Name your cat

Himalayan kitten names

Name your cat

Good cat names for girls

Tiger with white
Cheshire CatDisney’s Alice in Wonderland (German: Cheshire Cat)pink
Chica *span. Girl, girlfriend 
Cleofrom the comic Heathcliff – the girlfriend of RiffRaff 
Csilla *Hungarian ‘star’, pronunciation: ‘chilla’ 
Dia *Spanish for the day 
DinaAnimatrix – Detective Story; the cat detectivewhite
DianaSailor Moon – Luna and Artemis, the daughter of 
DominoJames Bond – a Bond Girlblack / white
DuchesseDisney’s Aristocats – the mother catwhite
DutchessBabe – the evil house catgray
Felicitas *Francis blind friend from " Felidae "silver / blue
FifiWarner Bros. – The cat who constantly from Skunk harassed isblack
FluffBarbie’s cat 
Ginger *color name (yellowish brown) or one of the Spice Girlsbeige / brown
CheshireDisney’s Alice in Wonderlandpink
GrizabellaMusical " Cats "gray
Guenhwyvar *a magical panther figurine from Forgotten Realms (RASalvatore)black
Harmonyfor a pretty and docile cat lady 
HedwigHarry Potter’s owlwhite
Io *Moon Goddesswhite
JemimaMusical " Cats " – Grizabella sings with 
Jenny spot Reich *Musical " Cats "spotted
Jinx *engl .: doom bringer, the Teenage Witch – for the real witches cat 
Jolie *franz .: pretty 
JuliettaGepetto cat in the TV series Pinocchiobrown
Kali *Goddess Kali – her admirers is a peaceful Life saved 
KiaraDisney’s The Lion King 2 – Simba’s daughterred
Kipipeo *Kiswahili (afrikan.): Butterflycolorful
Kitty *The Cat Halliwell (Charmed) / japan. Brand: Hello Kittywhite
Lady *Disney’s Susi & amp; Strolchi: Susi name in English. Originalbrown
Lemon *eng. Lemonyellow
Liliththe cat of the writer Stéphane Mallarmé 
LunaSailor Moon – The Black Catblack
MarieDisney’s Aristocats – the daughterwhite
MariposaSpanish: Butterflycolorful
Maunzi *PokémonBeige
Melodyfor a snug, pretty cat lady 
Merlehalf human, half cat from " The Vision of Escaflowne " 
Miss KittyBatman Returns – Catwoman’s cat 
Misty *eng. foggy, hazywhite / gray
Momo *on the book by Michael Ende – a little orphan girl 
Moneypenny *James Bond’s secretary 
Mrs. Marple *fictional character from Agatha Christie – with detective flairgray
Mrs. MurphyThe (cats) heroine of a novel by Rita Mae Brown 
Mrs. NorrisHarry Potter – the cat caretaker 
Muezzathe cat of the Prophet Mohammed 
pussyAnne Frank’s diary – The cat of neighbors 
NalaDisney’s The Lion King – Simba’s girlfriendred / beige
Nefa *egypt .: The Beautiful 
Paka *swahili: cat 
papayastray cat from " Gilmore Girls "red
PatsyThe cat of Charles Lindbergh (Atlantic flight) 
Pearl *eng. Pearl, the cat in the hacker " Assassins – The Killer "white / gray
Pipilotta *first name of " Pipi Longstocking "red
Piri *quot from the Children &; Small cat Piri "gray
RajahDisney’s Aladdin – Jasmin’s tiger (spoken: Raja) 
Rubyengl .: Rubinred
RumpleteazerMusical " Cats " – Friend of Mungojerrie 
Sakura *japan. Cherry Blossomwhite
Samira *lat .: entertainer 
Saphrabased on the book: " My naughty cat Saphra " 
SarabiDisney’s The Lion King – Simba’s motherred
Scarlet *engl .: red and starred in " The Wind Gone "red
Shampoo *girls, from Ranma1 / 2, which is in contact with cold
Water turns into a cat.
Shiva *Hindu deity of destruction and renewal 
SiDisney’s Lady and the Tramp – one of the evil Siameseadded
Sirikit *the Thai Queen 
Sneaky Piethe cat the novelist Rita Mae Brown 
Snowflake *engl .: Snowflakewhite
Soleil *Fr .: Sunyellow / red
SoniaHeathcliff’s girlfriend 
Tabita *Swahili: Gazellebrown
Tiffany *gem shop in NY – for precious kitten 
Tinkerbell *Disney’s Peter Pan – the little fairy (German: Bells) 
Trinity *from the movie " Matrix "black
Uhura *Intelligence Officer from Star Trekblack / brown
Ura *Manga (EL Hazard), a cute cat that her master protectedgray / red
Yukicat from Animatrix – Beyond 
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