Neutered cat. Advantages and Disadvantages

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To neuter

A cat is now a routine procedure that is useful not only for outdoor cats, but also for many indoor cats. But what are the advantages and disadvantages go hand in hand with the surgery?

Neutered cat: Advantages and Disadvantages
cat neutered: One advantage is the better compatibility with other dogs.

One of the main advantages that suggest to neuter a cat is their thus significantly higher life expectancy. While it is only 6-12 years in intact cats, sterile cats are often old 18 to 20 years. There are several reasons:

Benefits of castration Cats: Less dangers in everyday life

The reason for the increased health risk associated with potent Cat is partly in their propensity for straying. On their sometimes days-long tours they are exposed to the risk of injury by turf wars and busy roads. They can also become infected (FeLV) and cats Aids (FIV) easier for other cats with diseases such as feline leukemia. Neutered cats are domestic, quiet, stay closer to home and have less potential for aggression towards other cats.

With the castration of his cat to avoid further that it propagates uncontrollably during their free passage. This can become a problem quickly, because cats are ready to mate several times a year. But not only at Freigängern neutering makes sense. Indoor cats have without their reproductive instinct not only a artgerechteres life, but also show less unpleasant behaviors such as marking with urine or loud meowing.

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disadvantages of neutering cats: Changes in hormone balance

However, some disadvantages can arise when one wants to neuter his cat. So fear some cat owners, for example, the unique risk of anesthesia during surgery. Since the castration of a cat but is a routine procedure today and most veterinary clinics are equipped with modern amenities, this risk is very low.

One of the most well-known sequelae of castration is probably the tendency to overweight cats, which may be associated with the hormonal changes. As the animals not distribute any more sex hormones, also increases their appetite, while at the same time they tend to move less.

Make a little room on the diet of his Tigers, so is advisable for the owner to risk any disadvantages for the health of his feline friend. The same is true for the increased risk of urinary stone formation. Who wants to protect his cat about to suffer from them, should allow her a balanced and healthy diet. A veterinarian can advise you in this regard.