Nibelung cat

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Nibelung cat

Nebelung – inhabitant misty, mystical creature. This breed is shrouded in mystery. They are gray cardinals cat world.


nibelung Nibelungen were withdrawn from Russian blue cat with great long hair. Currently Nibelungen can be distinguished from Russian blue in quality and quantity of wool. Just cats Nibelungs look more to the abundance of wool. Breeding species occupy in the US at the end of the last century. She also has been recognized by the majority of organizations.
The tips of the hair silver. Colour of coat: golubaya – vary from darker colors to lighter. Different colors of cats fur varies, but one cat is stable color – it is the same in different parts of the body.
nibelung Cat not large size, with aristocratic bearing, but strong with well developed muscles. Torso slightly elongated, graceful limbs are not short, rounded at the ends. Elongated tail tapering towards the end. Muzzle wedge Nibelung reminds small quantities with high set cheekbones and a flat skull. On the side is seen a clear shift from the frontal part to a smooth nose. The head is sharply marked, especially because of the angular whisker pads, strong chin. Krupnovat little ears with pointed tips, smooth faced with almost no body hair. Eyes are large, round, slanted, emerald. Fur is not long, soft and airy with lots undercoat.

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The story of the breed Nibelung

It was noticed that at certain intervals in the litter at the Russian blue cats kittens come with a very thick, long fur. A series of tests on the crossing and on the removal of rocks, for which a beautiful soft wool would become the main brand. So a breed Nibelung. Certainly before Russian blue with long hair were, but they were rather like marriage breed. Since divorce only option Shorthair Russian Blue. In 1986 TICA recognized longhaired golubuyu – as new porodu – Nibelung, in 1995 it was joined by WCF, CFF, TCA.
Fine texture, and very silky coat is determined the unusual charm of the Nibelungen. Prior to this breed, none of the cats could not boast of such a coat.

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nibelung Character Nibelungen

Cats have a very calm temperament. Affectionate, gentle to people. Nibelungen balanced and do not like loneliness.

Care Nibelungs

Basic care for the cats breed nibelung reduced mainly to the care of her amazing hair. To maintain an elegant impression of his pitomitsy need to constantly brush her comb with rounded teeth are not frequent. During a long stay in the sun wool spoils.
In order to improve the quality of wool can also give a cat a special vitamin-mineral complexes. Exceptions are iodinated complexes and supplements.
Nibelungen ideal for room maintenance.

Breed standards Nibelung

Very aristocratic cat with specific sherstyu – very delicate and pleasant texture. The name comes from her cat magic shersti – reminiscent of something mysterious. Medium shade of blue creates a specific reflection of light transforms it into a peculiar luster. Tipping at Nibelungen silver and base color is darker. Cats are soft and calm, very attached to his master.
The muzzle

nibelung At the Nibelungen like a wedge with a flat plane. Laterally flat nose and forehead form two faces. Skull and as high frontal lobe. The chin is strong.


large enough, stand straight and wide apart, with rounded ends. From the outside a little fur on the ears.


large, it can be said as circles, widely set and slightly skewed to the ears. When nibelung become sexually mature eyes get maximum emerald color. In young Nibelungen often golden eyes. Later appears emerald ring in the eye. Next rim expands as they grow older. Lack of emerald in the adult animal is considered a marriage of rock.


quite high and thin, but because of the lush fur seems short.

The body

aristocratic, elongated with fine bone structure and taut muscle tone. Sometimes because of the wool seems to plump. But it is necessary to wash the animal that would make it a slender.


nibelung Slender graceful hardy with a strong muscle mass.


elongated, smooth, tapering.


is not very long, delicate, with a thick undercoat. On the tail of the maximum length fur and fur. Coloring monotone blue and silver tipping adds raid.


not strong chin, eye colors emerald, sites of other colors other than the principal.
Breed Nibelung can be reduced with the Russian Blue.

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