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Ocicat – a pedigreed pet cat, at a dilution which breeders have achieved that in appearance, these cats are very similar to reed cat. This breed is becoming more common in the world because of the spectacular symbiosis in her wildness and “home.” The desire to be closer to nature gradually pushes people to the fact that to get a cat of this breed. In addition, it is believed that the current Ocicat cats are similar to the Egyptian “fishing cat” or ancestor of all domestic cats “Indian desert cat.” Now clearly impossible to determine exactly wondered whether the first breeder Ocicats primarily purpose is to bring domestic cats with wild looks jungle cat.

The history of the breed Ocicat

The name of the new breed was due to the similarity of the cats of this breed with his distant relative – Ocelot. Ocicat really ocicat Resembles a wild cat ocelot in miniature.
In 1964, Virginia Daly of the US state of Michigan, engaged in breeding Siamese cats, in order to obtain animals with the color tabby crossed Siamese with Abyssinian-Siamese mestizo. In this way was obtained with cream fur kitten in golden spots whose color resembled the color of the character of the wild ocelot cat.
Kitten named Togo Tonga. It was a cat, which was later castrated and sold, but, nevertheless, he became the first representative of a new breed Ocicat. With the help of geneticists breeder has developed a program for the removal of breeding Ocicat. Conducted crossing, which used Abyssinian, Siamese, American Shorthair and some other breeds of spotted cats. In 1987 the breed was officially registered in the United States. Then, some breeders continue to breed these cats Abyssinian, in order to reduce the degree of closely related breeding and improved type. Currently the breed is considered to be “established” and crossing with other breeds are not allowed.

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The nature of the breed Ocicat

Ocicat – a fun playful cat, very loyal and affectionate, with a soft as wax, character. On it is often said that it is “cat – ocicat dog”! Indeed, it often behaves like a dog: brings the ball, turns to his name and caress comes as a true friend – the dog. This cat has never hidden when guests come to relatives or friends, on the contrary, she is very sociable. She tolerates crossings and easily adapts to a new place.
From the Siamese cats kept Ocicat need to “talk”, but to a lesser degree. Meow he expresses any request or attracts attention.
Ocicat easily educate and inculcate her rules of conduct adopted in your home.

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Description breed Ocicat

Some seek to make this breed because of its wild appearance – Ocicat resembles muscular, color spotted wild cat in size from medium to large. This involves the ability of the animal exterior run fast in pursuit. Due to the density of bone and muscle weight Ocicats more than it seems at first glance. It is striking in combination with the natural power Ocicat accommodating and friendly character. They are sociable with people and constantly follow them around the house, what would they have done neither. Basically, livable with neighbors of their breed and other breeds, but there are also conflicts of the type of “who’s in charge.” In comparison with other species, they can be characterized as relatively more restless longhaired cat breeds, but less mobile than the eastern species. Because of the pleasant convivial nature and high adaptability of the animal, many people are willing to make it Ocicat – even those families that already have other cats. Highly developed and their intelligence: Ocicat able to learn to unlock the door to bring the command objects, and especially gifted operate, almost “circus” tricks to the delight of a grateful audience.

ocicat Ocicat – a large muscular cat strong constitution (the cat is somewhat smaller than males). Paws of a cat rings, and on the neck collar – nezavershenny. The spots are located throughout the body and on the tail, they are elongated, framed by five rings, the tone at the edges of the spots more intense. Like all tabby, on the forehead of these cats “M” and clearly noticeable scarab. The head is more rounded, but closer to the triangle. The muzzle is almost square, not pointed, strong chin. Almond-shaped eyes, far apart, the color can be golden yellow, orange, green and blue, depending on the color of the spots. Ears rather large, located on the sides of the head, sometimes at the tip of the brush there, like a lynx. The coat is thin and glossy, with a sable colored hairs.

A deep Ocicat breed genetic basis – it consists of three distinct species, ocicat So when diluted Ocicats hardly occur genetic anomalies or problems associated with inbreeding. During the last ten years, the number of newborn kittens per litter approximately the same problems bearing and delivery females, usually does not occur. Like all kittens in the world, Ocicat kittens are very playful, but sometimes they are possessive about their toys takes its. It is necessary at the outset to teach the kittens to the hands of the owners, especially those who plan to exhibit: from childhood they must be accustomed to people, all kinds of smells and sounds, in order to avoid further their show career unpleasant incidents. And for everyday life friendliness and sociability in handy every cat Ocicat. Ocicat does not need special care.

Care breed Ocicat

Ocicat – hardy and healthy cat does not require complex care. During moulting it must be periodically cleaned with a brush. To coat glistened, her rubbed suede. This cat is very playful, so you need to make sure that it was not boring, for example to put a special tree. Very well, if you can go out into the garden (it should be noted that the Ocicat from home is not out). My cats live with dogs, parrots and turtles, and all understand each other.

ocicat Even mature adult Ocicat not need any special diet or excessive grooming. Any commercially available well-balanced cat food will satisfy all the needs of Ocicat in nutrition. During the preparation for the exhibition, most owners bathe Recommend Ocicat Wednesday or Thursday if the show will be held on the weekend. To tan, chocolate and brown cat shampoo recommended bronzing. For purple, blue and beige – pearlescent shampoo. Silver Ocicat suit whitening shampoo. Many owners recommend using a chamois cloth from which the wool Ocicat starts to shine, it can be used in the exhibition hall as often as necessary.

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