Of the anal sinus disease in cats and cats

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Of the anal sinus disease in cats and cats

anal sinus disease is a fairly common disease among cats.

Currently it is not revealed what other animals are predisposed to it, and what? not. As a rule, cats susceptible much less than dogs. Sometimes the cause can become an abscess and any secondary infection. In most cases, the etiology of the disease remains unknown anal sinuses. However, there is speculation that it may be associated with diarrhea and change in the viscosity of secretions of the anal sinuses.

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Diagnosis of the disease

Symptoms of anal sinuses are highly individual for each cat. The disease manifests itself in different cats differently. Also, the symptoms depend on the severity of the disease. Cat bites and licks his tail. She can sit on the ground and begin to crawl through it. Often suffering from this disease cats circling around its axis and try to grab its tail. And sometimes they can jump and bite themselves with a view to their sides or rear. In a particularly difficult situation cat suffers hyperthermia, anorexia and depression.
An objective examination revealed swollen sinuses. And when it comes to rectal examination and attempts to squeeze out the sinuses, the animal begins to feel uncomfortable. The stools are sick cats tend to have very dark brown color, and from them comes unusually fetid smell. The case that goes along with the secretions of blood means that the sinus decreased. Sometimes an abscess is formed. In this case the animal is particularly pain, abscess may move on the skin in the perineum.

How to treat?

If your cat is suffering from a disease of the anal sinuses, in which they are reduced, it can reduce the suffering of squeezing sinuses. You should also change the diet of the animal. It is recommended to add a cat food pellets peridala or dietary fiber.
When it comes to sinus infection, there is sometimes required extrusion, in which it is necessary to use general anesthesia or sedation. After the extrusion process is completed, should be rinsed carefully sinus using antiseptic and after the procedure, fill the antibiotic. The latter is done by introducing a flow along the anal sinuses fast intramammary preparations.
Places where the sinuses are opened and emptied, should be cleaned with antiseptic solution carefully. And do not forget the treatment with antibiotics. After cleansing the holes are better left open to give confidence to separate for a few days.
In the case of a pathological process should be used systemic antibiotics due to the fact that in this case there are negative microorganisms that can cause a relapse.
If the disease recur, you have to remove the anal sinus surgically.