Or ringworm Ringworm

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Or ringworm Ringworm

Dermatomycoses represent the infectious nature of the disease caused by pathogenic fungi.

In these diseases affect the skin, and its derivatives: Mine and hairline. One of the most common breed of cat dermatomikozov at if are:
1. Microscopy – the most popular;
2. trihoftiya – meets a little less frequently;
3. scab or favuse – the most rare of this trinity.
From dermatomikozov suffer not only many of the animals, the disease poses a danger to humans.
ringworm virus enters the body through the skin. Particularly fertile ground for the entry of the infection in the animal body are all sorts of scrapes, abrasions, cracks or cuts. The infection process is as follows: fungus spores enter the skin and begin the process of reproduction, thus penetrating into the hair follicles, where it is especially beneficial for soil amphimixis. As a result of this fungus begins to produce toxins and enzymes, which are the cause of inflammation of the skin, skin walls become thicker, whereby the mouth of the follicle becomes broad and then begins to accumulate therein pus. Follicles are located on the surface of the hair in these areas to become brittle, and on the surface of the skin and there are many crusts scales.

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The causes of ringworm in cats

The most dangerous are the source of sick animals, especially when it comes to stray cats that endanger people, especially children and pets. You can become infected by direct contact with an infected animal or by touching the subject to which he also touched.
As for the symptoms, the incubation period can last for about a month, while the disease takes from three to nine weeks, and even more.
In the event that the animal suffers microscopy, that stains her appear limited, peeling – with crusts. Especially in this kind of dermatomycosis suffer body parts in the muzzle, legs and torso. Places affected by viruses typically have thin and broken hair. Distinguish focal and disseminated, t. E. Scattered.
Also distinguish atypical course of the disease, in which there is absolutely bald patches on the body of an animal or a small number of foci with wool.
However, these symptoms usually have little kittens. With regard to adult cats, they are typically exposed to a latent form of the disease. In other words, the external signs that an adult cat is infected, are not observed, and if there are affected areas, they are in the head and torso, and not as pronounced as in children.
Diagnosis Ringworm is accomplished by bright marked clinical signs, taking into account the results of microscopy. Affected skin irradiated with ultraviolet rays (usually used lamp type TSR-200 and TSR-400 with Wood’s filter): If there is a virus fungus Mi-crosporum, then the affected areas turns green emerald hue. However, such a feature is not observed in trihoftii. Well scab cats determined by means of laboratory tests, although this occurs in animals ringworm is quite rare.

Treatment of ringworm in cats

The most popular method of treatment, until recently, was the application of ointments and medicines that have the most minimal cauterizing and irritating. These drugs include: ointment Vaganova, SC-9 (chlorinated camphene), the drug “Rojek,” ointment “Yam”, ointment or liniment juglone and others. These drugs are used to treat the disease with a small area of ​​infection. But if the area is large, to combat ringworm used Gries ofulvin and ketoconazole.
Modern same treatments involve the use of drugs that do not just remove the irritation and cure the animal, but will be an excellent prevention of disease. < br /> In addition to this, there is still prevention, sanitation, animals should be kept in suitable conditions, to limit their contact with stray cats and dogs. Furthermore, it should constantly monitor the Skin your cat (or cat), check it, ensure that pupils have not had any scratches and abrasions. In that case, if the animal is still infected, it should be treated in a veterinary clinic. Also there is a special vaccine against ringworm.