Passive Smoking. For cats especially harmful

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Passive smoking is harmful not only for our fellow human beings, but also poses a mortal danger for our velvet paws. Cats are even more at risk than other pets: Debt is calculated their distinct cleanliness .

Passive Smoking: For cats especially harmful
Passive Smoking: For cats especially harmful.

Passive smoking increases the risk of cancer in cats

In exchange tigers who live with a smoker, the risk of developing lymphoma node cancer increased approximately twofold. Life two smokers in the area of ​​our beloved cuddly tiger, the cancer risk is even four times as high as in a Non smoking household. But not only the lymphomas are affected by the harmful cigarette smoke. Even lung cancer in cats is more prevalent in animals that are exposed to passive smoking from your keepers.

Harmful substances on the respiratory tract and tongue added

Also, problems with the eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and pharynx and neck are not uncommon. In addition, a weakened immune system and a disturbed communication come with other dogs, because the smell of cigarettes qualms superimposed on the own body odor.

Cats are way particularly vulnerable to secondhand smoke, because you absorb the harmful nicotine not only through the respiratory tract, but also on the tongue. The nicotine accumulates in the skin and takes it cleanly Samtpfote then click on the grooming with the rough tongue. Anyone who wants to protect his beloved pet from the effects of harmful passive smoking, should either go to the smoking in the fresh air, or discontinue it altogether.