Pica in cats: Causes and symptoms

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The Pica in cats causes the dogs not only eat her cat food, but also indigestible such as clothing, carpet or plastic. The eating disorder can have lethal consequences. What are the symptoms and what is the cause?

Pica in cats: Causes and symptoms

If your feline friend just eats everything, this is known as pica in cats. The name of the eating disorder, which is also found in humans, is derived from the Latin name for magpie (pica), which is known to collect objects of different kinds. The symptoms are not to be overlooked: cats eat things that they can not digest. They nibble on carpets or clothes and swallow plastic parts or other items.

Siam and Burma often affected

As a result, it can lead to constipation and even a life-threatening bowel obstruction. Especially frequently from pica in cats are the oriental breeds such as the Siamese cat and the Burmese cat.

Pica in cats: Causes unclear

What causes the eating disorder is not yet clear. Some experts suggest that the Pica is a compulsive disorder in cats is inherited. Recognize the symptoms in your cat, you can try to find out if the parents of your dog had the same problem. Another possible cause could be physical deficiencies that suggest the cat that plastic or clothing are exactly the foods they need.

Cats psyche plays important role

In addition to the physical causes of the psyche but probably plays the most important role. The Pica in cats occurs mainly in animals with behavioral problems. The reasons for the eating disorder can be just as varied: stress, boredom, loneliness, and too little attention from master or mistress. To compensate for this, many a house cat eats then plastic and other items.

Playtime in the sink: for these cats a must! Pica in cats: Causes and symptoms

Perhaps the cause of pica in cats is also during lactation. Kätzen be discontinued abruptly, possibly sucking and swallowing reflex remain. In addition, these animals are looking for a replacement for the fragrances of their mother. As a substitute get garments or articles in question, the smell of the sweat of their new Herrchens. How does that pica can treat depends entirely on the cause from.