Pixie-Bob cat

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Pixie-Bob cat

Pixie-Bob (pixie-bob) – a mysterious cat from American legends. Mentions of cat Elf we find in the works of Ernest Hemingway, and in the works of many other American writers.

The history of the breed Pixie-Bob

pixie-bob In fact, Pixie-Bob – a legendary American breed of cats, a relatively young among the recognized breeds, but historically formed a very long time as follows:
Among the wild forests meet the domestic cat and wild cat North American bobcat ( Bobcat) for procreation, that their descendants became the progenitors of the breed, created by nature itself, as a result of natural hybridization.
The American scientists conducted genetic studies that have confirmed the hypothesis of the origin of this breed. We all know from biology that interspecific hybrids are sterile, ie unable to reproduce, but the results of some recent studies of the chromosomes, we learn that Bobcat and domestic cats have the same karyotype, which is the theoretical proof of the fertility of their offspring.
Enthusiasts – felinologists US decided to form a forest of these cats breed. Conducted reduction of domestic cats with wild short-tailed wild cats that live in the forests of the United States and Canada.
However, these random mating were futile until the 80s of XX century, when EK Brewer (Carol Ann Brewer) had offspring in which was the cat, adding color and looks like a lynx. Cat named “Elf».
It all started in the spring of 1985 in the US state of Washington. The first 3 individuals were caught from the forest, and began systematic work on restocking Pixie-Bob and consolidate its wild species. Pixie-Bob is no ordinary polidaktiliynaya breed, and a separate group, characterized by a particular genotype. Ie from some particular cats (as we now know, from the cat Pixie, as a result of outcrossing was prepared and used genetic material. Breeders purposefully tried to get a cat that looks like a lynx.
In the world of this breed of very small for several reasons: < br /> 1) In the USA, cats breed Pixie-Bob is considered a national treasure and is not recommended to export from the continent. Ta pixie-bob Kzhe, these animals are quite difficult to spread around the world and yet because they do not endure long journeys.
2) Until now, they have kept the traits inherent in their wild ancestors – distrust, caution. As beasts of the forest, late maturing, in litters of kittens born small, usually 2-3, rarely 4.
3) But if you are lucky enough to get hold of this rare animal, it will grant you such a devotion and love which is comparable only with canine loyalty. Cats of this breed should have a wild appearance, maximally resemble their ancestors – wild trot. In 1994, the Pixie-Bob was admitted to the category V (experimental status).
4) Pixie-Bob is officially recognized in 1995 in the category (NBC) TICA (The International Cat Association), and starting from May 1, 1998 a new breed was born, received the right to participate in the championships TICA (The International Cat Association ) on a par with the ancient cat breeds such as Persian, Abyssinian, and more! Breed Pixie-Bob is a priority TICA. Today is also recognized and WCF.
In Russia Pixie beans are rare: currently in our country, there are about 15 individuals. According to breeders, these cats are affectionate, obedient, compliant and gullible, but unobtrusive. They are devoted dog owners are very accustomed to one place and do not tolerate travel.

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Description breed Pixie-Bob

pixie-bob Pix – translates to English as a leprechaun. Bob – a short tail. Pixie-Elf Bob – short-tailed.
At home, the cat of this breed are very pleasant and easy to keep. This is a sample of restraint, tact, tenderness and unobtrusive Olympic peace. Unruffled, dignified but not phlegmatic. They are loyal to their masters, and to strangers wary-neutral, and into the hands of strangers will not go. They are intelligent and obedient – have the character of the dog. Very delicate, unobtrusive and shy. Always ready for the games and affection, you only call. They have a quiet gentle voice, but mostly silent. Have strong “forest” health, unpretentious food. Do not fear the cold, like water. The apartment did not climb on tops. Temperament balanced. Behavior is more like a dog than a cat. They do not even like domestic cats meow, purr their heavy and sonorous, and they growl when they play with each other.
It’s amazing to Pixie beans incredible way to combine them wild menacing look, external severity, Olympian calm soft and gentle character. This lovely, gentle creatures love to play with children, never scratched. Surprising their ingenuity. Deftly used his polydactyl paws. Toys are in the teeth like a dog. Trees go, but do not climb.
Breed Pixie-Bob is not inherent aggressiveness, they almost never produce claws, never hurt no bite. At home, they always hosts all the other cats, dogs and cats immediately “put in place” and keep your distance. On the other animals are not compatible, do not allow familiarity, but they never provoke conflicts. Most comfortable with these cats feel at single content when it is not necessary to “divide” the beloved master with other animals. Their devotion is not different from the dog. These cats are attached to the person and very bored in separation from the host.
who are fortunate enough to become the owner of Pixie-Bob, the remains of a lifetime devoted to this breed of cats.

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Appearance breed Pixie-Bob

Ext pixie-bob E like a small gloomy trot with wild eyes, short tail, powerful legs and body. Symptom polidaktiliynosti (polydactyl) is not mandatory, so he is not characteristic. Although very charming look cats and cats with polydactyl paws (5 to 8)). Pixie-Bob is the only breed in the world, which is allowed to have polydactyl (polidaktiliynye) foot. Weight 3-5 kg ​​cats, cats are significantly larger – 6-10 kg.
Currently, there are two varieties of the breed – long-haired and short-haired. Type of color: tabby.
Tabby – it colors with any pattern. For all tabby colors are characteristic of certain similar elements: drawing in the form of the letter M on the forehead, thin continuous line running from the outer corner of the eye to the back of the head, cheeks 2-3 curl on the neck and upper chest several closed “necklaces” and two rows major points coming from the chest to the stomach. The limbs and tail are evenly coated rings. Nose and eyes summed rim.
Pixie-Bob – a large, solid cat with a big pear-head with optional side-whiskers, strong broad-chested body, limbs and impressive low set short tail. The peculiarity of the breed – mnogopaltsevost. Extra fingers are most often found on the front legs, but sometimes that on all four. Pixie-Bob – the only registered breed with polydactyl characteristic.

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