Practical dental care products for cats

Malyshok – Funny cat

Practical dental care products for cats – Allcatsnames

Also for cats is very important regular dental care. Special snacks, which supply the teeth with nutrients, are a great help – but do not replace the intensive care including brushing. With these products, you move plaque and Co. in your Samtpfote lead to the destruction.

first Brushing with delicious fish taste

Practical dental care products for cats

Sure: cats can usually imagine something more pleasant than brushing their teeth. What helps here? The right flavor. This Zahnpastaset consists of toothpaste and a toothbrush for the finger – perfectly matched to cats mouths. And the best part: The whole thing tastes like fish. So lick your feline friend the toothpaste sure like to.

second A thorough cleaning with electric toothbrush

Practical dental care products for cats

That man is an electric toothbrush with us for a thorough cleaning of the teeth, is known. The same is true for our four-legged friends. This brush is specially matched with their form on the teeth of velvet paws. Accustom your pet time to adjust and take your pick from to best toothpaste with a delicious fish or meat taste from – so is brushing your cat and for you much more pleasant.

3rd Practical Finger Toothbrush for Samtpfoten

Practical dental care products for cats

This finger toothbrush is made of microfiber and has an antibacterial effect. The little finger glove gently cleans teeth and gums of your cat – gently slide your finger over the bit. Then you can use the small brush simply rinse and reuse.

4th Healthy and delicious: wet food with malt

Practical dental care products for cats

If your cat has big problems with brushing your teeth, you can make your procedure with this toothpaste with roast taste delicious. You low foaming, and the meaty flavor leaves your feline friend brushing quickly forgotten. Use the cream best from a young age the cat once a week.

Show me your tongues! Practical dental care products for cats