Pregnancy in Cats: How to recognize them

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Pregnancy in Cats: How to recognize them – Allcatsnames

Pregnancy in cats is a joyous event. But you can see that your feline friend expected offspring? We would like to explain in the following.

Pregnancy in Cats: How to recognize them
In order to reliably detect whether a cat is pregnant, the vet uses an ultrasound.

First of all, you should also be aware that you can detect pregnancy in cats immediately. In the first two weeks after breeding, the pregnancy can not be determined with certainty. During this time the Samtpfote may still be in heat. About the third week after fertilization, the vet may palpate your cat Kitten expected.

Pregnancy in cats: First signs

A tip first: The pregnancy should always be determined by a physician. An untrained cat owners can do great damage to the careless keys for both the expectant mother and for the babies.

But there are other signs that indicate a pregnancy in cats. This includes something pink discolored and stronger kicking out at the teat Samtpfote. These are visible from about the fourth week of pregnancy. From about the fifth week of the thickening of the stomach is clearly visible. Pregnant Stubentiger also often have more appetite than before. Especially in the morning they are often quiet. Generally looking cats during gestation and even more often near “their” people – but just as quickly they can look into the distance. Such mood swings are also typical of pregnancy in cats.

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So the vet can detect the pregnancy

If you go with your putatively pregnant cat to the vet, this is very likely perform an ultrasound. From the third week of the expected offspring can prove so relatively safe.