Prevent hairballs in cats. Tips

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hairballs in cats prevention is only possible because they occur when the cat is dressing up and it swallowed fur. However, a few tips will help to keep the hairball problem as small as possible and to facilitate the cat grooming.

Prevent hairballs in cats: Tips
prevent hairballs in cats: Regular brushing helps.

For the cat it is one of the most natural things in the world to regularly and thoroughly clean. From the fur that she swallowed it, form over time hairballs that they, if they are too large, usually by highlighting choking, retires again. Since this is not particularly pleasant for the cat still for their owners, there are several tips that will help prevent hairballs in cats.


Tips for hairballs in cats: Regular brushing

The easiest way to prevent hairballs in cats leave when his puss brushed regularly. Long haired cats and animals currently in moult is to pay special attention here.

Anyone who has a cat that loses especially a lot of fur, can make do with simple tips and combing with a special brush as the Furminator once a week. Thus he freed it from a lot of fur that they would otherwise swallow.

Cat Grass and Malzpaste facilitate the disposal of hairballs


Cat Grass prevents the formation of hairballs not before, but prevents the cat from to assault any toxic balcony plants, if they want to choke out the hairballs. However, even better is Malzpaste that tastes the cat well and is very rich in fiber. It promotes that swallowed the cat hair leave the body in a natural way again.

Proper grooming for long-haired cats Prevent hairballs in cats: Tips

Also, special dry food ensures that the hair ball formation is kept as low as possible. Make sure when selecting that the food also has a high meat content and contains no sugar as possible!