Prevent mite infestations in cats. Tips

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To prevent

a mite infestation is limited. Especially, when the cats are kept as free-roaming, it can happen quickly namely, that they get the pests from infested conspecifics.

Prevent mite infestations in cats: Tips
Check your cat’s coat regularly for parasites such as mites.

A few things you can do but anyway if you want to prevent mite infestation. Possible measures include the hygiene in the home, grooming your pet and special preparations for prevention.

preparations from the vet and Hygiene

On the one hand help frequent vacuuming and washing. Keep your home in order to make as clean as possible the little parasites the catchment as difficult as possible because some of their species feel next to the skin of your pets in fabrics very well.

Another prevention option they have in particular spot-on preparations or powders that are applied in a given period of time and make the arachnids to stay in cat fur uncomfortable. Also, special collars, the parasites away from their pet, are possible, but be sure to have a special safety lock. The risk that remains hanging her pet it and be seriously injured, otherwise great.

grooming and acting according to a mite infestation

Regularly check for abnormalities to notice your pet’s coat in good time. Dull, rough coat, encrusted or bald spots and black crumbs that are red on contact with water, may indicate mites. Scratch your cat frequently, especially around the ears? Even then you should to get the problem just in case as soon as possible in the handle, go to the vet.

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When the animal has been a mite infestation behind and was treated by the vet, you can prevent a new infestation, in which you treat other living in their household animals with an anti-mite preparation, good sucking, wipe and the ground might cleaned with a steam cleaner. Wash textiles and treat them the apartment possibly with a special spray from the veterinary environment.