Prevent tartar in cats. Tips

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Practical Tips to prevent tartar in cats may be limited. Therefore, the most important thing is regular monitoring of the dental apparatus.

Prevent tartar in cats: Tips
prevent tartar in cats: Few Stubentiger be inspired by brushing.

If tartar is left untreated, it can develop into periodontitis, which can have serious consequences for the health of your cat. All the better if could prevent tartar in cats would be. This is easier said than done. As can be cleaned with a special toothbrush for dogs teeth frequently, cats react to this kind of oral hygiene usually very sensitive: they behave aggressively and retire.

prevent tartar in cats: oral hygiene

Tip: Try it anyway! Be very careful though, and accustom your cat sensitive to the oral hygiene. The acclimation should continue for several days and be discussed with the veterinarian. Swipe your favorite first only gently with his fingers over his lips, the next day then gently over the gums and the teeth. Praise them whenever she is not opposed to the treatment. Then they get used to the cat toothpaste, before a special cat toothbrush is used.

Important tip: If your four-legged friends to fight against the forces brushing your teeth, you waive oral hygiene. In particular older cats can not get used to it, and under duress, although you may be able to prevent tartar in cats -. For your pet but maybe soon turn away offended you

Incorporate snacks into play: Treats for Cats Prevent tartar in cats: Tips

Nutrition Tip: Dry fodder against plaque

cats who prefer dry food tend to suffer less from tartar as such, the only eat wet food. The diet of dry food can be quite helpful when you want to prevent tartar in cats. Tip: You do not need to completely change the cats diet. Feeding Instead, special dry food that is shaped so that it rubs the plaque during chewing. Alternatively, are also special Sticks. Try different products to find out which tastes the best of it your feline friend.

Key measure: Maul Control

Tip: Regardless of whether you want to prevent by brushing or dry food tartar in cats should never fail a regular mouth control. Check to see if you can recognize symptoms of tartar in cats and locate where appropriate to your vet to have the teeth cleaned professionally. These include clear yellowish to brownish discoloration, mouth odor and inflamed gums.