Regdoll cat

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Regdoll cat

Regdolly is the largest and most severe cat. Among the variety of breeds – regdolly has the largest dimensions. Sometimes cats of this breed can weigh 10 kilos and this is not at overweight. When measured with the tail, the length of about one meter.

The history of the breed Regdol

regdoll The breed was bred Ann Baker. In the middle of the last century in the United States. According to legend, the cat Anne had an accident and then became very quiet and with poor muscle tone. Ann made a selection of work and got the same calm and inhibited kittens. The story is highly questionable. Since no properties acquired in the phylogeny of hereditary can not. By heritable traits can lead to either innate qualities acquired from parents or innate qualities acquired through genetic or chromosomal mutation. Ann likely interbred very quiet by nature cats and as a result got a line with these basic traits of temperament.
Regdolly were recorded as a breed in the state of California in 1965. Regdolla can not interbreed with other species. The purity of the form will fail. Several communities feline Regdollov approved as a breed.
Regdolly mainly bred in America. On other continents, they are very few.

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Description breed Regdol

regdoll Regdolla can be called perfect cat. It combines the best features of their counterparts, but have not adopted those traits that breeders usually do not like. This cat is not a sample of aristocracy and independence, but rather a sample of peacefulness and comfort submission.
The body is elongated and strong cat. But despite the impressive muscular corset – sometimes small and fat.
The muzzle is wedge shaped and pronounced cheekbones and jaw. Very shaggy fur, gentle and pleasant.
On the neck formed fur collar and fur paws like socks. The tail is very thick and voluminous.
Regdolly adore bodily contact with the hosts. May lie for hours and purr on your lap. These cats do not boast of independence and inaccessibility. They welcome any contact and is very affectionate and obedient. Of all breeds of cats this cute little tolstyachek most harmless creature.
Though regdolly and create the impression of sluggish, nevertheless they are very active and playful. But frisky bends bends not for them. Regdoll plays like a king with dignity and placement.
Loneliness regdolly not suffer at all. The greatest joy for them is communication with the hosts.
But bathe regdolla is a serious problem. Since these cats are horribly afraid of the water. Given their muscle massu – with kicks and then escaping regdollom will be difficult to cope alone.
Chest in regdolla very wide and large, and the tail is very bushy.
Little regdolla can be identified by the white color – like a kitten fur circle. And disproportionately large paws.

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Features Regdolov content

regdoll Regdollov specific feature is that they have a very weakened muscle tone. This feature porody – what they actually nicknamed regdollami – that is a rag doll. From this line actually go all the pros and cons regdollov. Cons is that – in contrast to other cats regdoll the fall will not be able to roll over on foot. So for him travmaopasen any jump and any fall.
For the fur especially do not need to care. Wool is regdollov axial hairs that do not fall under a lot of molting and dumped. Periodically, you need to comb the cat and it will be enough for the beauty of hair.

Character regdollov

Cats slow, gentle, obedient. They do not meddle, not revenge, not hunting. Regdolly indifferent to your hamsters, and cockroaches. Most regdolly love nap next to the host. Regdoll will not break your utensils in pursuit of a fly. And even in the mating season will not be breaking out. This is the most affectionate and domestic cat. And she expresses her desire only in the form of a soft request.
Regdolly not stupid cat. They are easy to get used to the toilet and to the other requirements of the owner.
The story begins with regdollov cats who had a privileged position in the homes of wealthy owners. They did not have to hunt for what would get food. These cats used to be a luxury item, they are cared for and groomed.

The breed standard Regdol

Regdoll – balanced and peaceful cat – large size with long fur. Name given because much can that relax if her caress. The muzzle is not large, wedge-shaped. regdoll

Skull flat. Cheeks well developed pass in round chin. Side view allows slightly concave line from the nose to the forehead. There is a weak pinch.

The neck is strong and muscular, not long.

big rounded ears. At the bottom is wider and inclined toward the eyes. In the ears fur. At the ends of the brush.

The eyes are large, oval-like and widely spaced. Slightly slanted. Eyes are another form considered as a defect. Rastsvetka – whole palette of blue.

The tail is not short, but the pointed end, fluffy.

The trunk is large with strong bones. Brisket schirokaya and strongly developed. The body is elongated and muscular. The front of the slimmer rear. Chance of fat in the folds of the stomach. Fully animal culminates weight and growth to 4 years. Coloring to 2.

Legs are strong and large. Due to the fact that the hind legs longer than the front, the back line is lowered to the muzzle. Paws are round, big with tufts of hair between the toes.

regdoll Fur medium or long, with soft, fluffy texture. Fur clings to the body is not strong, so sways with every movement of the animal. Very long hair on the neck forms a collar. On the head fur is not long, stanovetsya longer in the transition to the back. Below and on the flanks hair long. On its hind legs in the form of wool Gamache. Hair loss more often in the summer.
Breed standard stated that the cat should be large and with good muscular corset, completeness can be seen only on the belly of the animal. Small muzzle, small flat nose, ears value may vary. The lack of bright blue pigment in the eyes is considered a defect. Coloring hair should not be monotonous.
Main color: color-point, two-color and “gloves”. Rastsvetka – gray, blue, purple.
Color-poynt – Coloring single darkened on the limbs, ears, tail and head. On the face is on the forehead and mid ears. The belly, neck and chin are much lighter.
Dvuhtsvetnye – Coloring mostly white. All limb and sternum white. The remaining areas are darker.
In perchatkah – similar to the first embodiment of colors other than white konchechnostey, and abdomen. White markings are like shoes. There are various options of white blotches in the main tone.
The rules do not breed standardized ratio colors.
Visual lack of panties on the legs is a defect.
Options regdollov not accurate. Therefore, it is often a matter of controversy and contradictions in the estimates of animals of this breed. Sometimes the issue of Burmese regdollov that do not meet its standards.

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