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tartar in cats when the risk of periodontitis is. Thanks to the treatment by a veterinarian can be health risks for pets exclude. Find out what happens when such an operation.

Remove tartar in cats: treatment
Remove tartar in cats: Treatment takes the vet.

If you recognize symptoms of tartar in cats, you should consult a veterinarian in the near future. This can then decide whether your feline friend a treatment is necessary already or not yet. Existing deposits are a fundamental risk of further deposits. Accordingly, you should do from now on a regular mouth checks on your favorite.


tartar in cats: general anesthesia inevitable

If veterinarians eventually want to remove tartar in cats, the procedure always takes place under general anesthesia. With an understanding of the risk of anesthesia, the treatment is therefore only be carried out if it is really necessary too.

In the treatment of tartar is an ultrasound device used, with which the veterinarian smashed the calculus. The background noise is extremely unpleasant for cats, so a general anesthetic for the pet is the gentlest method if you want to remove tartar in cats. Not least, of course, it’s also about the safety of the veterinary surgeon: A wildly scratching cat is not safe.

polishing for the long-term effect

In addition to the ultrasound unit also still mechanical instruments are applied. For a long-term effect the teeth of your room Tigers are again polished thoroughly after all surfaces have been carefully removed. So the teeth stay as long as possible free of deposits, because food residues on the smooth surface can not easily fix.

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antibiotics for follow?

You may have your cat after the treatment or antibiotics administered – for example if there is a risk that bacteria from the mouth area could get into the bloodstream. It could lead to blood poisoning or organs could ignite.

After treatment: prognosis

If veterinarians remove tartar in cats, the prognosis after treatment is quite positive: The inflammation can be quite soon after, stops the bleeding, and retired gums regenerate normally. For you as a cat owner it’s main concern now is that you prevent the re-formation of tartar in cats.