Remove ticks head. First Aid for the cat

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Remove ticks head: First Aid for the cat – Allcatsnames

If you remove a tick from your cat, it can – in spite of all caution – be that while the tick head stuck in the skin. Do not worry: If you keep a few things, which is usually only half as bad as it looks .

Remove ticks head: First Aid for the cat
Try to remove “old =” the stuck ticks head gently.

If a tick head stuck in an untreated wound, the infection risk is large – so you should in the first step, try to remove it. If this is not possible, disinfect the wound well and observe whether the foreign body falls away from you. If none of these two measures, only helps the veterinarian.

Remove the tick head: An attempt is worth

With a little luck you can tick head stuck in your cat remove later: Insert a smart card, for example, an old insurance card ready and push your cat’s coat at the bite site apart.

If the ticks head visible, you can gently push the card against the unwanted parasites and remove it from the skin so that the cat. Can not manage that, we have to wait until the ticks head of myself falling out – so that the body does not ignite, you should clean and disinfect very well.

Keep the bite clean your cat

The foreign body is expelled usually after a short time by himself and falls out. Before he does, but it increases the risk of inflammation – a regularly brushed skin disinfectant for animals prevents this risk. If you want to apply the funds available from a veterinarian or in the pharmacy with a cloth, make sure that it is lint-free, so that no more foreign matter from entering the wound.

With these funds you can remove ticks in cats Remove ticks head: First Aid for the cat

Watch your pet carefully and keep an eye on the wound – if the tick head does not fall off by itself, you should remove it by a veterinarian. You should always consult a veterinarian if you observe in your pet changes, it looks tired and worn, for example, or a fever. Is the point at which you have removed the tick, red, swollen, or hot, you should also ask the veterinarian for advice.