Renal impairment. Common Cat Disease

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Renal impairment: Common Cat Disease – Allcatsnames

cats are very susceptible to renal failure, especially in old age. From the age of ten the risk of this serious disease doubled. But if the suffering is detected early enough, you can do a lot to help your feline friend a pain-free life.

Renal impairment: Common Cat Disease
renal failure: Common cat disease.

signs of renal insufficiency in cats

The symptoms of kidney disease occurred in cats usually only when more than 75 percent of the institution are already severely damaged. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for. Fever, vomiting and frequent urination are usually the first signs. The fur of your cat becomes dull and shaggy, it has hardly appetite, but all the more thirst. Overall, a diseased feline friend acts depressed and listless, but can not go to bed.

Cats with severe renal impairment smell also strictly from the mouth, some of the urine odor penetrates even through the fur. Since renal insufficiency for cats is very painful, they move less, like barely jump and not go in the worst case even to her litter box.

Possible treatments of kidney disease

For a possible renal failure is detected in time with your cat, you should get annually from the age of seven the blood of your cat. Although destroyed kidney cells can not be restored, but you can help to preserve the healthy part of the kidney and support. Feed a special kidney diet that you have been prescribed by a veterinarian. The food should contain high quality proteins and have a low salt content. In addition, there are special drugs and infusions that help in balancing the water budget. In any case, you should introduce your cat to the vet regularly, so that he can assist you in therapy.