Risks and dangers of hairball formation in cats

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Risks and dangers of hairball formation in cats – Allcatsnames

hairball formation in cats is quite natural – yet they may involve risks and hazards that you can prevent a cat owner by various measures. Dangerous it is namely whenever the cat gets plenty of unnatural fur and hairballs can not excrete naturally.

Risks and dangers of hairball formation in cats
risks in the formation of hairballs are caused by various factors.

When a cat swallows fur, it evolves with time in its interior to a hairball. It is very important that she retires this again after a while, because the fur can not be digested by it. Remain the fur ball in the stomach of the cat, they may in the long run lead to digestive problems and cause intestinal obstruction. Some cats are particularly prone to such risks.

These factors risks in the formation of hair balls

If a healthy cat fur loses in the normal extent, their owners need to worry about their health. Critical it is for heavily shedding longhaired cats in moulting or in animals that are overly loose by nutrient deficiency or a metabolic disorder lot of fur.

Also, sick cats, caged tiger with eczema or parasites may be prone to excessive hair loss. Itches her fur, brush more often and take so much more choked on hair. The causes for the skin problem should be investigated in each case as badly by a veterinarian, as the necessary treatment options.

How to get your cat used to the combs and brushes Risks and dangers of hairball formation in cats

risks for indoor cats

indoor cats are more prone to problems caused by formation of hairballs than outdoor cats. Firstly, by lack of exercise or obesity, on the other hand, if you is not a cat grass available, for this they need to disgorge the hairballs more easily.

With sufficient care units with the brush, cat grass, Malzpaste or supplements possible risk of hairball formation but should as far as possible be contained. Even with a special cat food or medication prescribed by a veterinarian cat the natural expulsion of swallowed hair can be facilitated.