Sacred Birman cat

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Sacred Birman cat

Sacred Birman cat – one of those breeds of cats, which has a long history, and the emergence of which is fanned by beautiful legends. Accurate information about the appearance of this breed is not, but presumably these cats come from Burma. They say Sacred Birman called sacred purpose. And kill a cat – to commit the unpardonable, a grave sin.

Sacred Birman Breed cat

sacred birman sacred birman Sacred Birman is one of the most beautiful of the genus feline and is the owner of a beautiful legend. Number of years ago in Burma in one temple, located in the high mountains, inhabited by monks, revered goddess nebesnoglazuyu Cun-Kuankse. Goddess, this helped the souls of the dead to move to other bodies, in order to return to the earth.
Those monks that he could not find a shelter, returned to the temple in the images kashek with eyes the color of gold, and were honored by the people there on a par with the statue of their goddess. The head of the monks in the temple was named Elder Moon Ha, and he had a favorite – cat Singh. Among those cats that lived in the temple, he was distinguished by color – paws, ears and tail it were painted in the color of the earth.
One day it so happened that at the temple of the goddess Tsun-Kuankse attacked by a gang of thieves who attempt to beautiful golden statue of the goddess. The monks fought bravely defending the sanctuary, but when their leader Mun Ha fell from numerous wounds, it seemed that this battle was lost. Monks were ready to give up when they heard a strange cry, make them stop. They saw the cat Sinha standing today on the body of the murdered owner. Happened to him strange transformation – the color of his eyes became exactly like the goddess, sky-blue, and the tips of the tines become white, indicating the purity of the soul Mun Ha. Realizing that their leader through his cat calls for protection of the goddess, the monks found the strength and drove the robbers.
Seven days after that Singh died, and without moving from the place, lifting up to heaven the soul of its owner.
With all the cats that lived at that time in the church have been dramatic changes – their eyes were acquired sky-blue color, the tips of paws painted in white, and the overall color of the wool has found a golden color.
Since then considered – if the cat dies in monastery, which means the soul of another monk finally freed and went to heaven, where finally found its place. And woe to the unfortunate, who raise a hand to Burma, await his soul torment terrible, as long as the soul, who lived in the cat does not grant forgiveness.

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The history of the breed Sacred Birman

sacred birman There is nothing: theories about the origin of this breed. On one of them Burmese are the result of cross-breeding Siamese and Persian, which occurred in 1924 in France. On the other hand, the most common versions in 1919 one of the American billionaires Vanderbilt bought two representatives of the breed, a cat and a cat during his travels in Eastern countries for the fabulous price. The male has not sustained a heavy travel and died, and the female doused on arrival in France, in Nice.
Later, the breed was crossed supposed with two-color long-haired cat. So began the path of the sacred cats on various exhibitions. Later, in 1925, the breed was officially recognized, and especially for her breed standards were developed.
After the Second World War Sacred Birman breed was on the verge of extinction, and fans of these lovely blue-eyed creatures of all forces began to revive the breed. Their efforts were not in vain, the breed was restored, and again began to conquer the hearts of millions. Officially and finally breed standard was adopted in 1967.

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The breed standard Sacred Birman

sacred birman The body is elongated slug small size, muscles well developed. Legs not long, with a rounded form broad paws. Tail of moderate length also.
Rather large, broad head with a slightly rounded shape bulging forehead. Small nose, chin strong, set high cheekbones.
Ears set widely in size medium, slightly rounded tips. There is also a slight tilt forward.
Eyes oval, set wide apart, bright deep blue.
The wool with a small amount of undercoat, along the length of the short on the muzzle gradually elongates, forming a thick collar and long on the back becomes and on the sides.
Type sacred color Birim inherent Siamese. The overall color of pale gold with distinctive markings on the Point, that is, on the face, ears, legs and tail. Paws in all representatives of this breed white – the so-called gloves. They must be symmetrical in pairs, although ideally all four. On the hind legs should be “spurs” – sharpen white mark. Gloves do not cover the entire foot, up to a maximum wrist joint.
The disadvantages are considered any manifestation of strabismus, white spots on the gloves and not spurs. More serious shortcomings breed: too short or, on the contrary, long gloves, not sharpened spurs, colored marks in the abdominal area.

Character Sacred Birman breed

Cat breed Sacred Birman is amazingly flexible, gentle character. His poise and dignity and they evoke memories of the legend folded with these wonderful cats.
Amazingly beautiful and elegant, they are intelligent and inquisitive. I am pleased to make the owner of the company if he was bored, but if he is busy with their own affairs, not to be imposed, subtly scenting the difference between moods.
They are moderately playful, very fond of children. You can, without fear that the cat will scratch your child to give them a relish to play. Burmese never actually produce their claws, even carried away game.
Their calm temperament is able to create a home atmosphere of coziness and reliability. They are balanced and in love with the owners. Loneliness they are not too painful, but if you leave your pet for a long time, it may become sad. To other animals in the house refers favorably, as among his other virtues are extremely good-natured.

Care Sacred Birman breed

sacred birman Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed have a gorgeous long hair, care for them is quite simple. Coat them never matted, not matted, her appearance is always accurate, as if it had just been thoroughly combed. It is enough to comb her once a week. Wash often is not worth, except to the extent necessary, for example before the show. After bathing, hair should be dried thoroughly and comb.

Food Sacred Birman breed

If burmese not indulge in childhood, the food they are not too fastidious. Because of their color very similar to Siam, Burma, as well as Siamese cats should not be fed by the liver, buckwheat, since color can darken the body of the animal. Surely it must be remembered that the cat in the first place predator and it is advisable to have a meat diet ezhednevnevnom – best boiled beef, chicken, and turkey meat and mutton. Uncooked meat products better not to give at all to avoid worms. Even the fish boil desirable or well inspected before feeding your pet. Periodically add a good diet dairy products like fresh milk and cheese. Importantly do not forget – your cat has their own preferences and tastes, and you will certainly need to be considered with them.

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