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Domestic cats Savannah, without exaggeration, is the most amazing, rare, large, and expensive in the world. The purpose of breeding Savannahs was to create a large cat with stunningly elegant body shape, color and exotic intellectual development of the African serval, but with a sweet temper domestic cat. This makes the breed Savannah truly unique, which is officially recognized by the international organization TICA.


savannah For the first time Savannah was bred in the mid-1980s. Breeders took over ten years to get cats like small Serval. But the result was staggering works, Savannah won many connoisseurs of cats.
Bengal breeders Judy Frank bred the male Serval, belonging to Suzi Woods, with a Siamese home, resulting in a first Savannah; it happened April 7, 1986. Savannah, bred by Frank, Patrick Kelly interested – he acquired Savannah kittens in 1989. Kelley was one of the first enthusiasts who worked on the new breed of domestic cats, based on crossbreeding serval with a domestic cat. He contacted many breeders servals and helped them to a new breed, and finally enlisted the help of well-known breeder Joyce Sroufe – together they began to work hard to make a new breed was officially recognized.
In 1996, Patrick Kelly and Joyce Sroufe released original editorial standards of Savannah, and presented it to the TICA (The International Cat Association) In 2001 the breed was officially recognized and registered.
Few people know, but one of the purposes of breeding of this breed was to reduce the destruction and whim of wealthy people in cages contain these cheetahs and leopards in their homes. In other words, to create an alternative, equally impressive, and communicability as ordinary domestic cat.

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Savannah have excellent pedigree, being the result of crossing the majestic African serval with a domestic cat breeds: Oriental Shorthair, Egyptian Mau and Bengal.
The first generation resulting in crosses with serval is designated as F1. In this generation, there is a 50% blood serval. The second generation – obtain by crossing F1 and domestic cat, denoted respectively as F2. In this generation, already 25% of the blood serval. And so on up to the 5th generation (F5). The higher the numerical value of about F, the kittens become more like a normal cat. The first two generations – F1 and F2 are the most valuable. Especially females, if we talk about breeding – for male offspring to the 4th generation is fruitless. Not infrequently, savannah Received Savanna again crossed with servals. This combination allows you to get the highest quality Savannahs.
Savannah Cats are incredibly complex in cultivation, which also causes such a high price on the kittens. Serval significantly higher and larger domestic cat. Behavioral habits also have an effect – a feline made at the time of mating, biting the scruff of his partner. For female Serval it would not be a problem, but for the domestic cat, which is about 3 times less… Trying to avoid problems with potential mates grow izmalstva together, letting them get used to each other.
Many breeders tend to cross serval with a domestic cat, but only a few in the world able to achieve real success. Nursery Lunicorne, became one of the first in Russia, who was able to create offspring resembling maximum serval, one of the most desired exotic pets felines. Professional breeding requires the breeder to create special conditions for cats, incredible patience and large monetary investments.

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savannah External Savannah resembles a mini-cheetah. The noble bearing, unusually large ears, long legs and striking gepardovy color. The coat is short and very soft – do not require special care and does not cause trouble even during molting. Size Savannah depends primarily on the generation – the percentage of blood serval. The largest – is the males of the F1 generation and F2, they are larger than normal domestic cat is about 2.5 times, reaching a weight of 14 kilograms. Savanna impressive growth – up to 45 cm at the withers. Savannah takes about three years to reach its maximum size. However, because of their tall, lanky and graceful physique, even the lightest Savannah seems much larger and heavier than it really is.


Perhaps, more and more of Savannah can be only their extraordinary personality. Resourceful, clever, playful, even ingenious, and very energetic – a representative of Savannah is very similar to a dog. It is easily trainable and most of all loves to play “Sic” ride in cars and enjoy the outdoors walking on a leash. Cats of this breed do not like the cold, like their African cousin – Serval. Savannah is very fond of water, and with the permission will dabble with you while taking a morning shower, or swim in your bathtub. And their ability to jump high vertically, just shocking. Savannah is very sociable, well trained, and returned in full to their owners all the love and affection.

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savannah Because Savannah so much energy, they often tire other pets, constantly looking for new partner itself or another form of entertainment. Savannah get along well with other pets and without competition assume the role of main-cat amongst others living in your home. Many people ask us: Will Savannah on good terms with the family dog? The answer is – YES! Dogs are great friends Savannah. Because of their intelligence and vigor, Savannah seems to prefer it to the dogs, among other animals.


Once home, Savannah love to spend time with the hosts, followed by moving from room to room until they do other things. Some of our clients tell us that when they are not home, Savannah waiting for them under the door. Came guest? Savannah is sure to come forward – to find out who this stranger, and why he granted.


savannah Savannah does not require special care, in this sense they are the same as ordinary domestic cats. Since they do not need a special diet, we can recommend any high-quality forage. Savannah easily accustomed to the tray and the usual toilet. They are ideal pets, ladya perfectly with other pets and children.

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