Selkirk Rex cat

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Selkirk Rex cat

Selkirk Rex – this is a very wonderful breed of cat that can strike anyone. This amazing animal fur makes it unique in the cat world, and the magnificent “toy” for both adults and children

Description breed Selkirk Rex

selker rex The color of this breed is harmonious (hair color, nose and pads on the legs). Exceptions are the eyes, the color of which is not always combined with the coat color. The body is muscular and strong. The size of the hips and shoulders, usually of equal size. Ears pointed, jaw strong and well developed, the legs of medium length. The body itself resembles a cat bouncy ball, t. To. Has no flat surfaces, and Selkirk rex fur is very soft and silky to the touch and wavy in appearance. That for such fur are called cat and sheep, as well as you can find the names of curly British cubs. The most amazing thing in this breed? color, which can be very different. Cats are a breed as plain or multicolored.
Care for Rex not difficult, but you must do it constantly and in a timely manner. Not recommended food with abundant fat and it is very important not to overfeed him. If your Selkirk will suffer from obesity, it will lead to a loss in the form of mood Kitties.

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Care Selkirk Rex

selker rex Important! Complex vitamins are very beneficial effects on the health of the breed.
Special attention should be paid to hair and eyes. Wool must constantly combing (but not too often) and make sure that it does not fall into the eye Kitten. Too often combing also should not be, otherwise the wool will start vylazit and crumples. The most optimal option combing? it every two or three days. It is important to brush was soft, or use a comb with wide teeth, separating the already dead hair.
But Selkirk Rex klimoustoychivy. They are equally as easy to tolerate heat and cold. And remember, it is very important to take care and affection of the host.

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The history of the breed Selkirk Rex

The story of this breed is very interesting and unusual. The result is a result of gene mutation 10 years ago. And it all started with the fact that Jerry Newman once observed an unusual green-eyed kitty litter from the most ordinary cats. It happened in the US, in Montana. When the cat grew Nmenn crossed her with her Siberian cat. Of the six, three were kittens with curly hair? boy (black short curly hair), and two girls. The other kittens were straight hair? with two short and one long. Already in the next litter, for which crossed shorthair boy (Oscar Koulskogo) with his mother got four kittens, of which only one was a straight hair.
selker rex This was discovered a new gene mutation, which is inherent selrekam Wrexham. Thus, this gene is domeniruschim that distinguishes selrika rex rex from other types (kornauelskogo and Devonian).
In January 1990, the first exhibition was held, which is attended by representatives of the new breed. And in February 1991 the breed was officially registered.

The nature of the breed Selkirk Rex

Rex Selkirk many hours can amuse his master various clown antics may, forgetting everything, sit back and watch as the water flowing in the bathroom, playfully trying to catch the flow of water in a heartbeat perceive any manifestation master care and affection – whether quiet or pochёsyvanie stroking behind the ear, or cuddle loving owner – in any case, they are happy to communicate to anyone and always shows his pleasure murchanem loud. They are very obazhaet games with young children, while allowing little master manufacture of a variety of tricks. Selkirk can get along well with different animals in the house, whether it be a cat or a dog, never attempting to take the palm in the relationship. Selkirk always feels the mood of the owner and never will be engraved on the communication, if we understand that at the moment are not up to it. And what a pleasure to touch these silky tresses and zavitochki – words can not be conveyed, it must feel! And due to its sunny character and unusual “sheep” appearance Selkirk find a huge number of fans among cat lovers.

The breed standard Selkirk Rex

selker rex selker rex The head is broad in the cheeks, rounded, convex skull and developed full cheeks. In profile, clearly visible indentation (stop) on the transition from forehead to nose. The muzzle is short, “filled”, clearly marked. Vibrissae (whiskers) crimped.

The tail is of medium length, thick, tapering slightly to a rounded tip.

The body is strong, muscular, of rectangular shape, with a deep chest, back straight. Shoulders and hips of the same width.
Legs are low, strong. Paws large, round.
The ears are set wide apart, medium size, with rounded tips.
Eyes wide apart, round, large, can be any color.

The color may be any eye color should match the coat color.

The wool is of two types: either a short or quite long. Like shorthair and longhair variations in Selkirk Rex coat is dense, forming curls, especially noticeable on the neck and tail. Intensity of curls on the body varies greatly and depends on climatic conditions, time of year, the hormonal status of the cat. The topcoat is mild, due to what seems to be particularly soft wool, and if it is short, you and plush.
Features: kittens are born with curly hair, then, when you change the “child hair”, “lose” curls and grows back curly hair only 8-10 months. Wool reaches its full development only to 2 years, so the kittens and young animals are usually assessed primarily in stature and structure of the head.

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