Senility in cats. euthanasia?

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Some healthy and lovingly maintained velvet paws reach a ripe old age of 20 years. But when does the senility noticeable in cats, provides for some owners the nagging question: Suffers my favorite and it would not be better to put him to sleep


Senility in cats: euthanasia?
severity decision: When to euthanize a decrepit cat?

If the old age makes the first cats that our beloved house cat peacefully asleep in his twilight years, then we can take with a crying and a laughing eye Abeschied: Deep Sorry about the big loss, but happy with a life end without any health suffering. However, not every cat is brings this happiness. Old age often brings with physical disabilities to leave us a cats life as a spoiled appear, from which we want to free the four-legged friend by euthanasia.

symptoms of senility in cats

But it is to us all, to make this decision? Senility in cats may manifest themselves in various ways. The pet is lethargic, retreats and preferred cuddling instead of Tobe units. However, slight infirmity should be seriously no pet owners consider to euthanize his feline friend. As long as symptoms such as visual or hearing impairment, slight limp or problems with the weight facilitate a dignified life cats, we have a duty to do everything for our four-legged seniors.

“A life without cats is…” Senility in cats: euthanasia?

euthanized when the suffering is too large

If, however, diseases of organs, such as kidney problems or digestion, or arthritis or tumors are associated with almost unbearable pain, which even a vet can not get at, then no one should categorically reject his cat to euthanize leave. Of course, no blanket statement can be taken when the induced with the syringe parting is inevitable.

Is about an animal that has spent his life exploring the awakened world, eventually strong and definitely limited in its movement, perhaps means the senility in cats a greater suffering than a sedate anyway Schmusekater. A good veterinarian will be available to you with patience and understanding advice. If and when you want to redeem your pet, ultimately remains your decision.