Siberian cat

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Siberian cat

Siberian cat – the first Russian rock, over which for many years continue to work Russian breeders. First Russian cat breed that has been recognized abroad.

History of Siberian cat

siberian The first mention of koshas very similar to modern Siberians, was discovered in the 17th century in Russia. In those days they were called Bokhara.
The exact period of their occurrence in Siberia is known as the breeding of cats is not the main occupation of Siberian nomads.
Geographically breed appeared closer to the Urals. Because something apparently wool Siberian cats have such a long and dense, very suitable for life in the harsh cold conditions in Siberia. Probably a significant role in shaping the modern species of Siberian forest cats played wild cats.
Breed, this is open, it is possible to obtain a certificate of conformity with unknown origin, but on the condition that corresponds to the set externally cat breed standard.

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Description breed Siberian cats

siberian Siberian cat is perhaps one of the most beautiful breeds of cat. Barsky view, large, well-developed body, strong legs with small tufts of hair between the toes.
The head is large, has the shape of a trapezoid with rounded corners, on the tips of the ears of wool, usually not much closer to the body increases the amount of wool. The distance between the ears to the width of the ears themselves that their tassels on the tips of the ears resemble lynx. The eyes are large, expressive, round shape.
The Siberian cat has not pointed snout, which is in harmony with the rest of the body and therefore is rounded. Back of the head is flat. Neck Sibiryaka to match the body – a powerful, well-coordinated. And around the neck and on the breast pussy chic caftan is formed, which gives it a special, fabulous views. Shoulders wider than the body itself.
The body of Siberian cats of average length, but large and superbly developed. A wool in these very special cats – it does not get wet! Consists of small wool undercoat and not soft. And so the Siberian kitty is not hot in summer and cold, it is quite stable.
The most interesting thing Allergy wool Siberian cat almost dangerous because almost does not cause an allergic reaction. Color is usually combined, black and reddish-gray, it provides decent disguise Siberians in the wild. On legs panties.
The weight of adult Siberian cat (female) is 6 kg and the weight of the cat can reach as much as 12 kg.

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Character breed Siberian cats

The nature Siberians typical representative of the cat family. That is independent, quite capricious, with a strong personality. Excessive tenderness and affection, they do not differ. All day long to sit on your lap or at the feet of the master will not. They are bound, as dogs, only one person and acknowledge him as their master, as with the rest living in the house, the Siberian cat is humbled.
They are excellent hunters. If Siberian lives in a house in the country, no rodents do not disturb the owners of this wonderful animal. In Siberian cats are very well developed instinct hunter and prey habits it is much more than in any other kind of feline.
They are very sensitive to the mood and feeling of his master. If you priboleete your pitomitsy from you on a step will not depart. When you need a company, it also appears as if out of nowhere – that was not her, and suddenly appeared right in front. And if you are busy, even on your eyes will not get until you are cleared and not feel the need to see his furry friend.

General characteristics of the Siberian cat

siberian The size is usually large, in good physical shape, their powerful body balanced mileyshey muzzle. In appearance the streamlined body gently rounded shape. Usually during adolescence representatives of Siberian cats are quite long, up to five years.
The head is large, round in shape, proportional to the body. By the muzzle tapers slightly. Convex forehead, cheekbones are low. Ears are slightly larger than average, rounded, with a slight forward lean. On the back side of the ears the hair is short and extends to the base. On the tips of the ears are small brush-like ancestors of the breed – wild cats.
The eyes set wide apart, rounded in shape, the outer corners of the eyes are drawn to the base of the ears. Muzzle plump, short. The chin is not acting, he neatly rounded and is on a par with the nose. Neck strong, powerful.
The body is not long, with muscular, quite impressive to look at. Legs of medium length, slightly shorter than the front than the rear, the legs are broad, powerful, always with tufted between the toes, inherited from the wild cats. The tail is also a medium-length, wide at the base and tapering to the tip with a profusely growing long hair.
Coat of Siberian cats often long, thick, with a double undercoat. A gorgeous head framing as a thick “collar”. In winter undercoat thickens, so to cold Siberians are less sensitive than other cats. Standard color of Siberian cats have a gray-black, are also popular colors colorpoints brindle black, black spotted, marble, silver, white, and others. Unacceptable colors purple, the color of chocolate, as well as “Burmese”.
The length hair medium or long, has a double undercoat. on the upper back and lower chest hair shorter. On the abdomen allowed “curls”.
Disadvantages breed at the show at the exhibition – a straight profile, tail shorter than the norm and too elongated snout.
Disqualifies when evidence of poor health and overt disease. When the manifestation of nervousness – as Siberian cats are stable every manifestation of excessive imbalances requires disqualification. And also at the general disadvantages, according the article 16 of the rules of exhibitions.


siberian siberian Because of the proximity to the natural wild breed of representatives Siberians reach reproductive age very quickly, often even at the age of six months. Average number of kittens born to Siberian cats – five or six. While there are certainly cases as very small offspring, two to three kittens and large, about ten.
Siberian cats and cats are the most wonderful parents males may help the female if she does not mind. Yes, and often the parents are living together, and the cat often lives with only one cat. As a rule, they are very friendly with their neighbors. Not bad, when in the same house lives a couple of Siberians – due to the fact that they are still very much from their wild progenitors, Siberian cats are prone to community life and as a representative of the Siberians are not alone, he is cheerful and full of energy.
Females Siberians fertility to an average of six. Later, of course, too many cats can give birth, but the mortality rate among the offspring rise sharply. Males are able to play with six months to ten years, and sometimes longer.
The Siberian cats, without a doubt, one of the best rock – is the embodiment of dignity and pride. And of course they are living heroes of favorite fairy tales about the good and wise animals capable to get out of any situation and help friends.

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