Siberian cat (Neva Masquerade)

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Siberian cat (Neva Masquerade)

The Siberian cat – a cat that has no unique features, but the cat is still the most popular breeds. Perhaps the attraction is hidden in hypoallergenic. Although varied color, fineness and well-built figure cats, and even more unique, make this a favorite of many cat houses.


siberian For the first time about the cats, similar to the Siberian, was mentioned in the publications in the XVI century. Then they were called Bokhara. They can be found everywhere in the Russian Empire.
There is no accurate data when and how Bukhara cats appeared in Siberia. While the natives of Siberia were mostly nomadic and did not keep cats. We can assume that immigrants from the western part of Russia during the development of the Siberian lands brought with them and their cats. Perhaps Bukhara cats were in Siberia with traders from Asian countries, which at the time was an active trade. It is possible that at Angora, Siberian and Persian cats have common ancestors – immigrants from Asia Minor.

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bred in Russia. Occurs, apparently, from crossing local aboriginal cats imported from other countries, including the Near and East Asia. The breed is recognized by the World Federation of cat lovers (FIFe) in 1992. Since 1987, we have in Russia, work began on their breeding. Thanks to the enthusiasm of a handful of fans of this breed has become popular today throughout the world. Since 1986, the breeding of this animal are also engaged in Europe.

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It would seem, and Norway and the Siberians (and those and others – indigenous breeds) were formed under similar conditions, but how they are different! Where there is a power and economical in their energy expenditure Norway to reckless, purely Russian Siberian fun!
siberian Siberian Cats – wide soul beings, making them not just family pet and flocks, and the real “heart friends”. Unlike megaobschitelnyh cats Siamese and Oriental Group, very tied to communicate with the person and indifferent to communicate with their own kind, Siberians – rounders. Yes, and their communication style is as unique as the rock itself. These ubiquitous cat with a stern expression nasupleno-face and indispensable chertinkoy eyes manage to find a common language with any member of the family – whether it is a two year old child, old grandmother, always busy father of a family, a dog, cat or rabbit… the list is endless – Siberian each in a board! And everyone thinks that’s its something this amazing cat loves most of all.
I, as a breeder and the cat’s “handler” is very captivating sibiryachy “apathy”. His motto – “we must, because we must!” No tantrums, antics, caprices! Cut nails? Please! Eat a pill for worms? Well, if you so wish – push! Featured in the ring? Well, not very long! This manifestation sibiryachego character I see something dog – the same willingness to work, the same devotion to the owners, the same remarkable abilities to train. But, nevertheless, it is a cat, no one doubts arise in that when this cozy little devil sitting comfortably on your lap and husky-uterine zaurchit so loudly!!!
The Siberians – bold animals. I think that is the difference between them besides some mysterious way connected with our common homeland – Siberia. In difficult climatic and geographical conditions little to be careful, you have to be somewhere risky obscene, somewhere brave to insanity, endurance envy enemies and endure all these hardships of life can only feline fun and cheerful creature. Familiar? I think I briefly sketched image of a typical native Siberians, not cats – man. Looks like? It seems to me very!
siberian All these little things are constantly seen in feline games, demolition, in imitation of the hunt, even just in everyday feeding! If cautious Norway “fade” in a safe haven at the slightest sign of a threat from the outside, whether it’s just a strange loud sound approximation of the host in the hand with a nail clipper or too arbitrary attack by dogs or other members of the cat pack, the irrepressible Siberian not pay these fines no attention and continued his occupation as if nothing had happened, only one eye holding constant attention the alleged source of danger. And as Siberian recaptures his law piece “production” !!! Anyone who saw this action finally convinced that the Siberian in any conditions not disappear!
In general, if you want to have in your home is not only a warm purring lump surprising touch of wool (not raise a hand to write lump Siberians – large and massive cats), but graceful and fearless predator who can sometimes become again the wild, while remaining true cordial friend, then you need just a Siberian!


Siberian cat in appearance has some similarities with the Norwegian Forest cat. However siberian more massive. Other points of differences can be identified more low-slung torso in Siberian cats and wider head.
Siberian differs vibrant health. This feature has been fixed thanks to the natural origin of the breed and as a result of selective breeding. Siberian cat – strong and muscular animal, mainly large and medium size. Cats big cats. Adult cat grows to 6-10 kg cat – up to 4-6 kg. The body of the Siberian Cat is quite strong, of medium length, well muscled. The limbs of the animal is not very long, but very strong. Siberian Cat Paws large and round, between fingers fur grows.
siberian Tubby – picture of wool at a certain combination of light and dark colors on each strand of wool. Distinguish types of figures: Marble or classic, mackerel or mackerel, spotted, tabby tikit.
The coat of this breed of cats reaches of medium length. The top coat is a little tight, shiny, water-repellent. On the sides of the wool is softer, slightly neighborhood, very dense. Double undercoat, its density depends on the season. Decorative coat is long, but dense mane recalls. Siberian cats have lush ‘panties ».
The tail is notable for its length, it is wide at the base and tapering evenly towards the tip. Siberian cat fluffy tail.
The head is relatively large, slightly convex in shape slightly resembles a trapezoid. The upper part of the head is flat. Low forehead, smoothly transitioning to the broad straight nose. Siberian cat nose of medium length, without pug. Cheeks and chin form a smoothly rounded line. Chin quite broad and strong, but not protruding. The neck is usually short. Mustache and eyebrows long.
Ears reach an average value in the base they are slightly wider. The outer edge of the base of the ear is slightly above eye level. Ears are slightly tilted forward, the tips are rounded. Tassels on the ears are desirable.
Eyes of medium size, roundish. They are slightly slanted and wide apart. Eye color evenly dyed, can be all shades of green or yellow. A color-point cats and white colors – blue eyes. When white coloration observed raznoglazie.
In cats color-point hair on body enough light tone, dark mask on the muzzle, ears, paws and tail too dark.
Colors of the Siberian cats are allowed everything except chocolate, lilac, burmezskogo, Abyssinian and their colorpoint options. Cats color-point and color-point with white can also be called “Neva Masquerade”. The examination is conducted separately by color.
According condition Siberian cat needs to be healthy, strong and well-groomed.
siberian The disadvantages in Siberian cats include:
– straight profile corresponding to the “Persian” type;
– long and narrow head;
– flat cheeks, high cheekbones and a weak chin;
– small, round and deep eyes;
– large or narrow set ears, straight or high set ears, “Persian” type (small, low set, too hairy);
– short or excessively stretched body (fine type);
– weak bones;
– little paws;
– too long neck;
– short, poorly pubescent and sharp tail;
– wool without undercoat, too rough or “Down” to dim the back and croup.
At exhibitions disqualified cats Siberian breed with pronounced signs of “Persian” type. Not allowed crossing with other breeds.

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