Singapore (Singapura cat)

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Singapore (Singapura cat)

This breed is called “Thumbelina” of the cat world, but it is so beautiful, elegant and lively, that delight no limit. Quite a rare breed these days, but is gaining popularity does not leave indifferent fans of cats and dogs for their unusual and beautiful appearance and character.

The history of the breed

singapore (singapura cat) This breed appeared in a natural way. The breed was formed in South-East Asia, which are the ancestors of many other interesting representatives of the cat tribe, and it is the Siamese and Orientals, and Balinese, and many others. Singapore stands out against the background of these breeds. Its mottled gray-beige skin and small body helped her to take shelter in basements and ditches big bustling city. The local population is not interested in it, the cat was producing subsistence hunting and rummaging in dustbins. European population: the officials and Americans who served in those places, pay attention to the little kitties and in 1975 brought several copies singapore (singapura cat) If in the United States. The first person to notice this breed and subsequently engaged in its design and breeding of these cats was Hal Meadow. And already in 1976, the first time they are presented at the exhibition. Already by 1979, Singapore has achieved attention at exhibitions and was assigned a new breed. International Cat Fanciers Association (TICA) breed was recognized in 1984. In 1987, this breed was brought to Europe through Belgium, but still remains one of the most rare on the European continent feline race. Currently in the US, Europe and Japan, there are over a thousand animals with full pedigree. In the CIS countries the real Singapore is extremely rare. Lovers Cat drew attention to these amazing animals recently. Today Singapore American population is markedly different from the local cats in Singapore. Coat became much lighter – breeders enriched natural color, giving it a pink tinge. Cute snout rounded, indicating that marriages with American Burmeso language. Tried to cross it with the Abyssinian, but strict judges recognized their offspring too big, gray and leggy. Singapura cat must remain small, stocky and muscular. Survived her, perhaps, only a charming expression eyes. Basically breeders relied on improvement of its fur and its color.

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singapore (singapura cat) Singaporeans small and exquisite. This unique breed is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest breed among domestic cats. For example, the weight of cats less than three pounds, cats – two. They are called “Thumbelina cat world.”
The appearance Singapura amazing and unique. Most unusual in them – it’s eyes, huge in proportion to the head, has the depth and fascinating mystery. The coat is silky, short and the neighborhood, mostly gray-speckled color, almost never occur in other breeds.
Colour allowed only one – dark brown ticking on the main light ivory background.
Heart-head with large ears, large almond-shaped eyes, golden or yellow-green.
Singapore – cheerful, elegant, medium sized cat Asian type. The body has good bone, moderately stocky and muscular, gives the impression of elegance. Cats are usually smaller than males. Strong slim legs taper to small oval paws. The tail is slender, but not thin, blunt tip. Body Color – old or golden ivory with a soft warm effect, with dark brown sepia. Each hair has at least two strips of brown separated light strips, the tip of the hair are always dark. The muzzle, chest, abdomen and the inner surface of the legs without ticking, light ivory. In Singapore allowed small strips on the inside of the front legs and around the inner surface of the knee. The coat is short, shiny, silky and tight.
Singapuras have large eyes and ears. Eyes large, wide-set, between them should be a distance equal to at least the width of the eyes wide open, slightly sloping. Desirable dark eye singapore (singapura cat) Ntovka eye. Color only nutty, green or yellow. The ears are large, wide open at the bottom, deep cupping. The outer ear is the line up at an angle, almost parallel.
The head gently rounded, with the express podusnikami. Sufficiently short and wide muzzle and a straight nose. In profile, Singapore has a rounded skull with a small passage below eye level. Around the nose leather should be a dark border. Necessarily present “line cheetah” – from the inner corner of the eye at the edges of the nose to podusnikam.
Usually breeders begin to sell the kittens when they reach 12-16 weeks, in this age of the kittens reach the physical and social stability, have all the necessary vaccinations. Singapura cat live happily in our climate, do not require special care, it is only necessary to periodically clean the ears and monitor the condition of the eyes.
Those who wish to get a kitten Singapura cat must have patience, because, unfortunately, these cats all over the world are quite rare and demand is outstripping supply. This is mainly due to the small number of kittens in litters, slow ripening and a careful selection of breeders aimed at excluding from breeding unwanted copies.

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The character and temperament

singapore (singapura cat) Quiet, friendly and affectionate. Possess a healthy self-confidence. Very attractive, easily adaptable and can live in the house and the apartment. Get along well with other animals.
Affectionate, playful, friendly, with a soft voice. Differ in sound health. Very cheerful and funny. At the same time obedient and responsive to caress. This cat is completely trust the person resides next to the host, always ready to respond to petting or playing bask in the hands of the owner. And while not quite aggressive, take all coming from a man with love and adoration. Singapore is very smart and do not be bored when you have a mood, all the rest of the time they are happy to spend with people, other animals and children. Unlike other Oriental cats, they are not chatty voice their gentle and quiet. Complete lack of aggressiveness, combined with extraordinary playfulness make kids Singapore wonderful pets.
Singapore – extraordinary mom, gentle and caring to fanaticism, happy to take the lead in all the kittens living with them under the same roof, even if it is a different breed kittens and longer growth.
Breed Standard
Body: small but muscular. The legs and tail of medium length.
Head: round nose small, blunt. Ears are large. Well developed chin; large, wide-open, slightly slanted eyes.
Coat: Short, silky, uniformly covering the body.
Character: Very curious cat, but a calm and affectionate. Very clean, easy to get used to new surroundings. Females – very nice and attentive mother.


Singapuras demands the withdrawal. So they are by nature very kind require care and attention of their owners. Very poorly tolerate drafts and cold, so try to hold them from cold rooms, purged of windows, and floors without carpets and mats.

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