Skin fungus in cats. Symptoms of the disease

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Skin fungus in cats: Symptoms of the disease – Allcatsnames

skin fungus in cats occurs particularly in young or debilitated animals and makes fun of various external symptoms noticeable that we want to explain in the following.

Skin fungus in cats: Symptoms of the disease
skin fungus usually only breaks in young and sickly cats.

skin fungus in cats may manifest itself through various changes in the skin structure, skin and nails because of fungus attacks the skin and hair of cat sharply. An indication of the fungus could be that you suddenly discover circular bald patches in your cat’s coat.

itching and hair loss: skin fungus in cats

Where the fungus begins to spread, is quite different. Many cat owners discover the first signs, however, in the head region of the cat, for example, on the ears. The circular hair loss puts reddened, often scaly skin free, which may be surrounded by an inflamed border.

In general, sees the cat fur no longer as healthy and shiny as usual from: It’s dull, flaky and brushing the cat will lose a lot more hair than usual Oily skin and coat parts can occur as well as extremely dry.. The animals scratch themselves constantly and can inflammations of the skin and nails have.

suspected fungal skin: Do we vet


If your cat has fur sudden changes, you should check with a vet this forever. Skin fungus is very contagious, even to humans, and also unpleasant for the cat. It should also be clarified why the immune system of your room Tigers is so weak that the fungus could occur at all.

Proper grooming for long-haired cats Skin fungus in cats: Symptoms of the disease

In addition, the veterinarian, to distinguish the symptoms of skin fungus from which a parasitic infestation and determine appropriate treatment, so it’s back better your pet as soon as possible helps.