Skotishfold – Scottish Fold

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Skotishfold – Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold – British Shorthair cat type, but with the characteristic structure of the ears, which are folded forward and down. The characteristic structure of the ears, cats betrayed unusual and very attractive appearance, which struck people and came up against the establishment of the new breed.


skotishfold - scottish fold Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold (Eng. Scottish Fold) – breed shorthair cat with a distinctive structure of the ears, which are folded forward and down. The reason for the unusual appearance of these cats is a gene mutation. The first cat of this breed were bred in Scotland in 1961. Fold in the East were known centuries ago. So for a long time it was believed that these cats live only in China, and they were called “ChineseĀ».

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In the US, where the first representatives of the breed were imported in 1970, by contrast, Scottish Fold cats derive specifically in order to preserve the original structure of their ears. There breed comes in two variants – short-haired (Scottish Fold) and longhair (Hilend Fold). American breeding program and the breed standard designed not only to achieve the maximum expression of breed characteristics (in standard layout point to “ears” for 25-30 points out of one hundred), but also in order to avoid the harmful effects of mutations. Crossbreeding “fold-fold” provides just such harmful effects: bone shortened articular joints thickened, the vertebrae are often spliced, up to the complete loss of mobility. So the Americans as partners to fold steel pick “straights” (cats with normal, “straight” ears born from crosses and Scottish Fold Shorthair) – descendants of the original crosses of litters of kittens with the most successful-fold. Stright mutation carriers are not, but are carriers of favorable modifier genes.

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The cat of medium size, strong, harmonious physique. The coat is short, dense, ductile, very soft to the touch, elastic, close to the body. Color can be quite varied: one color (blue, black, white, sand, chocolate (milk chocolate color)), multicolor (harlequin, tortoiseshell, van), striped (different tabby patterns, harlequin, brindle, brindle). Ears set wide and stacked so that their upper part covers the ear opening, that is hanging down. The more densely ears pressed to the head, the more valuable the representative of the breed. The eyes are large, round, open, wide-set. The color corresponds to the color of their hair cat. Sometimes come across a cat with golden eyes. The trunk is short, powerful, round, squat, compact. Shoulders and hips of the same width, breast volume, wide. Legs of medium length, strong, elegant with round paws. The tail is not very long, thick at the base and tapered at the end. Valued individuals with a movable tail, as this breed may be changes in the joints. Males of this species are much larger cats, sometimes reach a weight of 6-10 kg. skotishfold - scottish fold
The body is medium in size, round and smooth from the shoulders and pelvis up, powerful and muscular, with well developed shoulders and chest.
Legs: Medium length, heavy-boned, quite slender. Rounded paws.
Tail: Medium to long, in proportion to the body, a flexible, tapering to a rounded end.
Head: Rounded, smooth transitions in the short neck, with a strong chin and strong jaws, with markedly pronounced and rounded whisker pads.
Nose: Short, broad, with a noticeable at the base of the forehead, without stop.
Ears: Small, folded forward and down, rounded at the ends.
Eyes: Large, round wide open, separated by a broad nasal bridge. Color according to the color.
Coat: Short, dense, plush, soft, not adjoining, with a thick undercoat.


skotishfold - scottish fold Cats of this breed are very good and are attached to the host. Usually never left alone, reside outside the host. Unpretentious not have bad habits that make them very pleasant boyfriends.

Scottish Fold has a balanced character, a great attachment to the house and the person is unpretentious. Especially it should be noted the voice of the cat. It is unusual, different from the usual purr, a bit creaky. Another characteristic feature of the breed – the ability to stand on its hind legs without much effort. Typically, these cats become the rear legs if they are interested in something, but they can not see the object of interest. In this position, the cat resembles a small skotishfold - scottish fold Gnome.
Scottish Fold kittens are playful, very tame, they can train. Easily accustomed to scratching posts, so much hassle owners do not deliver. Sometimes kittens watching television. Good companion for kids games, but if it gets too noisy, may be frightened. In a family where there are children, it is better to take podroschennyh kittens aged 3-4 months, as they are already adapted to independent living and social interaction.
If Scottish Fold treated too roughly, they are simply removed almost never scratch or bite (with proper training). It is ideal for those cats who love cool animals with unusual appearance.


Like their farming ancestors, Scottish Fold – strong cat. They are good-natured, calm appearance. The voice is pretty quiet. They love human society and show it to all my views. Scottish adapt well as densely populated apartments, complete shifty children and dogs, and to the lonely closets Papa Carlo. They are not afraid and get along well with other animals.
Over the past four decades, Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold) acquired its own recognizable style, although interbreeding with American and British Shorthair. Scottish cat of medium size with rounded, well filled body. With large, round, wide-set eyes. with a gentle curve in profile in the transition from forehead to nose. Shorthair variation has a soft undercoat wool with a pronounced, long-haired – silky, not prone to stalling, longer on ruff and “trousers”. Gamma colors are very diverse and includes all the possible color combinations. (Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold).
Animals of this breed are of two types: with drooping ears (folded ear) and straight, “normal” (straight) . skotishfold - scottish fold
The kittens of this breed are born with a normal straight ears. At the age of three to four weeks of their ears fall or remain straight. By twelve weeks already can determine the quality of a kitten – show, breed or pet (exhibition, tribal or home). Expo are only good with cats lying ears, so get these kittens – the dream of every breeder. Pryamouhie Scots admitted to the exhibition, but the champion class is not open all the feline systems. Get the lop-eared kitten shows and top-class show hard enough, so they still are quite rare and, accordingly, are expensive.
Scottish Fold kittens
When purchasing please attention to the flexibility of the tail and paws. Legs should not be gross or beveled fingers. In carrying out his hand along the tail movement should be gentle and not to cause discomfort to a kitten. (Only it should be done very carefully!)

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