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Snow Shu

Snowshoe breed resembling siuamskuyu cat, and for good reason, because it is from it originates this poroda. Poyavilas in the 60s of the last century by crossing Siamese and American Shorthair breeds. The head is triangular in shape, with black markings, the ears are large, with pointed tip, blue eyes, medium length tail. The coat is short, there are various options for color – blue point, seal point, fawn, chocolate.

The history of the breed Snow Shu

snow shu In the late ’60s at the breeder of Siamese cats from Philadelphia Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty in one of the 3 litters appeared little white kitten with socks on their feet. Intrigued by such an unusual color, it is a few years trying to bring a rock. Then the case was continued Vicky Olender from Norfolk, Virginia. Breeder crossed Siamese and American Shorthair breed.
Vikki Olander has developed the first standard for the breed, and with her light hand breed Snowshoe received official recognition. In 1974 the breed was recognized by the Federation as an experimental cat lovers, but interest in it gradually waned, and by 1977 Olander remained the only breeder Snowshoe in America.
snow shu Three years have gone to fight for the survival of this species, and then to Olender joined by several breeders and their pets were awarded championship status: Cat Fanciers Federation in 1983 and the American Cat Fanciers Association in 1990.
Despite a sluggish start, the last five years has increased the number of these cats, and their popularity. Breeders in the future we plan to increase the size of cats, change their physique, make deeper eye color.

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Character Breed Snow Shu

It is well known that dilution Snowshoe very difficult task, but those who venture on it, cats handsomely rewarded for their love and affection. Snowshoe is not for those who like the indifferent, independent cat. Fans Snowshoe argue that these cats do not realize that they – the cat. They see themselves as people. They love to touch the person they like, when they surface. They are very smart, and they are not difficult to teach tricks. Snowshoes are also very fond of the water, and on occasion climb into the tub to swim, provided that this idea belongs to themselves. They are not as talkative as Siam, but his words will not come back.
snow shu Exterior. The reason that this breed is not very attractive to breeders is that is very difficult to mix all the genetic elements so as to get the perfect Snowshoe. The hardest thing to reproduce the 4 features. The first white mark on the face in the form of an inverted V, exciting nose and nose. For white responsible gene, which is denoted by S. Since this gene is not completely dominant, if the cat inherits two of the gene, it will be more white than the cats inherit only one gene. This effect, however, is not stable, the appearance of the white color may affect other genes. It is difficult to predict how this gene will manifest itself, or of kittens who inherits two genes, so to control this gene is extremely difficult.
The second feature that makes you think of breeders, this white socks, thanks to which the breed gets its name (“snow shoe”). Responsibility for this feature also lies on a series of gene S. Ideally front paws socks should be up to the ankle on the front legs and to bend the knee to the back. However, most often white or too little, or vice versa, is that it does not exist at all.
It is also very difficult to get a perfect Siamese color and pattern. The color should be intense seal point or blue point, as beige or chocolate, being diluted with flowers and blue camouflage forces whiteness important for this breed.
And most importantly, the standard Snowshoe involves body type, which combines massive American Shorthair and Siamese breed elongated body. Although it is easier to achieve than color, to get the correct shape of the head and ears of the location is quite difficult. If you follow the correct standards, it is not surprising that create the perfect Snowshoe is a real puzzle.

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Disadvantages breed Snow Shu

snow shu Disqualifies cats have any other eye color, thunder blue, long hair, light or dark markings in areas not covered by the standard, lack or excess of white markings in the field (on the face and legs). White color should not be present in other parts of the body (including the tail, ears, etc..).

Health breed Snow Shu

snow shu In general Snowshoe got her good health and even temperament of the American Shorthair. However, some bloodlines are carriers of defects tails inherited from Siamese ancestors. Currently, all of the animals – the carriers of this defect – excluded from the breeding program.

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