So you can cat fleas fight

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Cat fleas are just a nuisance for your feline friend. They can occur in the cleanest homes and seek statistically almost one in five home cat. In particular, outdoor cats are at risk of catching the small wingless insects. Read here how to combat cat fleas successfully.

So you can cat fleas fight
So you can fight cat fleas.

cat fleas: Early detection is important

Has your cat fleas captured only once, they multiply rapidly. 20 to 30 lay eggs one to three millimeters long insects a day. The red-brown colored animals can jump up to 1.5 meters wide and also infect humans. They feed on the blood of their host and should be recognized as early as possible and fought, because they also transmit tapeworms in addition to diseases or can trigger allergies.

Be especially suspicious if your cat is scratching excessively. Whether you are infested with cat fleas, you can find out by a simple test: Comb the cat with a fine comb the fur and then tap that on a bright cloth. Arising out red-brown patches that you are dealing with fleas, leaving the undigested blood in the cat’s fur.

Flea control for cats: What is it? So you can cat fleas fight

How to combat cat fleas successfully

If your pet is infested with cat fleas, then you should fight this including the flea offspring (eggs, larvae, pupae) immediately. Drugs that can trickle into the fur of the cat (Spot on) and flea collars available from the vet. However, please make sure that it is a suitable medium for cats. Drugs that fight fleas in human or dog, are not suitable for cats and can in the worst case lead to the death of the animal. To get rid of the cat fleas in the home, it is advisable to regularly suck and etc. to wash cats ceiling at 60 degrees Celsius in the machine. Spot-on means and flea collars are the way also for the prevention of pesky parasites.