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Sphynx cat

cat has a muscular body, devoid of hair, silky and hot to the touch, tall, slender legs with long and slender fingers, long tail, expressive face, large ears, large almond-shaped or slightly slanted eyes. Differ a great affection for the people in the complete absence of aggression. Affectionate, not vindictive, playful, but not intrusive, considerate and mature enough.


sphynx Don Sphynx – one of the few Russian native breeds. The history of the domestic breed began in February 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Once a native of Krasnoyarsk, Associate Professor Helen IETF Kovalev returning home, selected on the Square. Marx the boys a little kitten. The boys tormented him shamelessly. A kitten (her home was named Barbara), a short time later, the hair on the back began to get out. Treatment to nothing lead, cat-back remained without wool. In 1988, Barbara was able to show for the first time professionals employed in breeding purebred cats, but this experience is unusual looking cat is not produced. February 20, 1990 Barbara (DSX g) gave birth to a litter of three kittens from the European Shorthair cat Basil (EUR a22 03). Their daughter reading (DSX b21) and is the founder of the breed. Breeding new cats took felinolog Irina Nemykin, now known in history feline world. And then, by means of back-cross, after many years of hard and thankless breeding Irina Nemykin was obtained now known worldwide breed, in 1996, registered in WCF.

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Physiological characteristics of rock

don sphinx The main feature of the sphinxes of course is the lack of hair, but not all, Don Sphynx completely naked. There are several types of skin.
Hairless – absolutely without hair with adhesive (rubber) skin.
Flokovye – another type of skin, which has a length of 1-2 mm hairs all over the body, making it feel like to peach.
Brush (from the English word «brush» – schetka) – Animals with a stiff, slightly crimped, sparse hair. They may periodically “undress” and “dress up».
But, of course, preferred absolutely naked animals, because hairlessness yet rock-forming sign.
Skin sphinxes hot to the touch, because higher body temperatures than humans (39.5-40 degrees), but because of the lack of hair it feels much stronger than in other breeds.
It is well known that a cat can treat a person lying on the diseased organ. Sphinxes are capable of it doubly because Skin contact with the skin increases the effect of the “procedure».
Lack of wool, which on the one hand gives sphinxes unusual original appearance (sitting motionless cat resembles a wonderful porcelain figurine), on the other hand it’s a nice addition to a lack of need of cleaning wool home which happens when the content of any cats, even short-haired.
Sphinxes are considered one of the hypoallergenic breeds. Although the thesis “No wool – no allergy” is not quite true. Malicious glycoprotein – the main culprit of allergy – identified in the saliva of cats. It was from there he gets into the coat. Perhaps his coat and stores, but even on the skin of hairless cats, he also is. However, sphinxes can and should be washed often, so they are more suitable for people with allergies.
sphynx Cats perfectly transfer during pregnancy and childbirth themselves to cope with, they expressed great maternal instinct, which is especially valuable. Kittens are born strong enough to quickly grow and develop. Unusual features kittens Sphynx true that their eyes were opened at 2-3 days of life. And, the better “naked kittens, the sooner they open their eyes. Usually the best in terms of standard specimens are born sighted and open their eyes in the first few hours after birth. This feature requires careful sphinxes eye care little kittens.

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The behavior

don sphinx Cat thermophilic, so you should keep it in a warm room. Street contents excluded or highly undesirable
Because of the increased heat transfer sphynx consumes slightly more food than other cat
Because of the lack of eyelashes on the eyes, in the conjunctival bags can accumulate mucus, which must be disposed of pure wool or cloth
Bathing can be replaced
Cat rubdown with a reconciled content with children and other animals
estrus in cats are relatively rare, rare cats “tag»
There is no characteristic odor, no wool remains on things
People who are allergic to cat hair, the reaction to the presence of Don Sphynx observed less frequently
Kittens quite easily accustomed to the toilet
Many sphinxes accustomed to one owner and retain the loyalty to him
Cats touchy (but not vindictive) and affectionate that requires more attention from the host to them

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