Sphynx cat History

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Sphynx cat History

one of several breeds of hairless cats, farmed for decorative purposes. At the present moment the rock remains in the process of formation, while there are several international federations breeders with their breed standards.


sphynx Sphynx appeared in Ontario, back in 1966. Naked kitten Prune is the ancestor of modern Sphynx. Originally, the breed was popular among people with allergies can not tolerate cat fur. To date, hairless cats have earned the love not only allergies.

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Feature breed

The cats sphynx elleganty and beautiful. More like statues, so they are beautiful and fragile. Beautiful eyes are fascinating and graceful gait admires. The embodiment of all the best qualities of all breeds of cats. Delicate and demanding. Like to sleep under the covers, constantly communicate with the host. Can a long time, not taking his eyes looking straight into his eyes. At the sight of the Sphinx, nobody remains indifferent. This cute hairball immediately has to itself. Taking him in his arms once, it is difficult to release. Such a unique and docile nature only complements the external beauty. Beautiful color and coat type. Perfect body constitution. Cats living in an apartment home needs constant contact with the person’s attention and concern. If you will lead the Canadian sphynx once, you will no longer change this breed ever.

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the canadian sphinx At Sphynx constitution muscular, heavy body. The triangular head and a high-set eyes. Clearly pronounced cheekbones and a mustache.


special care is required, due to the lack of wool. Not gourmet omnivorous. Characterized by a lack of capriciousness and addiction to food. Due to the nature of metabolism and, possibly, genetic predisposition, when the content of sphinxes almost always have problems with their diet – they have almost everything ready and in unlimited quantities, including hazardous and noxious substances. In combination with sufficiently low sphynxes digestive system, this leads to a significant risk of gastrointestinal infections in animals.

Very often the owners of sphinxes required to keep them on a strict diet or reduced by carefully monitoring the availability of any “edible” substances. In severe cases, the animal has to be isolated during mealtimes people, as even a simple observation of this process seriously violates the psyche of animals.
Treatment and counseling care sphinxes must be obtained only from veterinarians specializing in the breed since it seriously differs from the usual cats, including metabolism.

Interesting facts

the canadian sphinx Most people who negatively evaluate the appearance of the sphinxes on photographs at a real meeting with them change their point of view, at least mention that in life they are not as bad as they seemed.

At the touch of sphinxes like no human skin, nor even on ordinary cats – their skin is always warm, dry and slightly rough.
Sphinxes always seem to be hot to the touch, it is associated with increased relative human body temperature – 38-38,5 ° C.
Lack of wool of sphinxes makes any deviation weight (obesity or leanness) is well visible, so that, compared with conventional cats the same weight and condition, sphinxes evaluated much more explicit.

Sphynx large amount of skin that forms folds even when the animal is drawn on all their possible length. No special care, however, these folds is not required, in contrast to, for example, from Sharpey.
Before removing the special breed of genetically modified hypoallergenic cats, sphinxes were the only breed that can keep people at home with an allergy to cat sherst. Sfinksy like to sit on the shoulders of the people.

the canadian sphinx Unlike all the other cats, sphinxes sweat all over. This pot has a characteristic (not annoying) and the smell when drying gives the skin a light brown color, resembling human tan. Also sweat easily transferred to the surrounding material, the Sphinx may well leave behind a brown stains on clean underwear, not to mention those places where he likes to sleep.
Sphinxes comfortable with the water and easy to carry water treatments. While bathing in the tub for them, as for the other cats are more complexity to determine the surface of the water – they just do not see it because of the glare, uniform background (transparent white) and lack of experience.

As it may seem paradoxical, but enough sphinxes tolerate cold room, preferring vrochem sleeping in sheltered and warm places, such as under a blanket.

Due to the nature of the skin, sphinxes insensitive to various types of injection, easily transferring almost any skin punctures during treatment. In some places, however, the skin is very strong and sphinxes shots through it is difficult to do, for example at the withers. But due to the strong overall mobility of the skin, get a shot at the right place is not difficult.

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