Sudden uncleanliness. Is the cat sick?

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Sudden uncleanliness in cats can have very different causes – since diseases can be behind, the first way of referral should always lead to the veterinarian .

Sudden uncleanliness: Is the cat sick?
Sudden uncleanliness in cats should always be first examined by the vet.

The fact that you can judge for yourself whether behind the uncleanliness your cat has stuck a disease that still is important. On the one hand, so you punish your dog for a small mishap on the carpet or the sofa in any case, because if it is sick, it can not help it. On the other hand, so you can watch it closely while you wait for the appointment with the vet. May be able to help your observations of other symptoms to the vet to provide a more rapid diagnosis.

Sudden uncleanliness: Is the cat sick


A common cause of sudden uncleanliness in cats are urinary and bladder diseases. These diseases cause pain, which in turn cause the cat goes to the litter box and not like their business better done elsewhere. Also look often associated with the diseases accompanying symptoms such as constant scratching in the litter and constant exploration of the quiet village of with little urination. Some cats avoid the cat litter box and suddenly completely.

restlessness, aggressive, loud meow after using the toilet and constant grooming and licking of the genital area may also occur. In contrast, kidney disease often symptoms such as diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy are added. Diseased animals drink plenty of water and seek the litter box more often than usual. They do not always make it there in time, however, so sudden filthiness may arise.

What you can do until the vet

While you’re waiting for your appointment at the vet, you should ask the cat plenty of fresh water available and they feed not possible with dry food, but only with wet food or foods for cats. Your fluid intake is in fact increased in urinary and kidney diseases.

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Ask her, if possible, one or two more litter boxes on so that the paths for they are not so far, and set her up a spot on which it is warm, quiet and cozy. Watch them also exactly, so the vet can find the cause of uncleanliness even quicker with your help.