Symptoms. How to detect tartar in cats

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Who knows the symptoms, can detect tartar in cats at an early stage and take appropriate action. The sooner you go with your house cat to the vet, the better the chances that your cat’s teeth and jaw take no lasting damage.

Symptoms: How to detect tartar in cats
All the more timely one discovers tartar in cats, the better.

tartar in cats you see usually the first thing in mind that the teeth have yellowish to brownish discoloration. These symptoms can first detect the tooth at the transition from the gums. Sometimes, however, the whole tooth is already covered by the lining. Initially, these are still relatively soft deposits. Within days, however, they harden and are to be removed only by a professional cleaning by a veterinarian.

tartar in cats on halitosis recognize

The more plaque formed on the teeth of your dog, the more likely it is that bad breath is one of the typical symptoms of tartar occurs in cats is. Those who do not regularly inspected the biter his cat, will find the latest cuddling, that something is wrong. Does it smell so unpleasant in the mouth, it is useful to the cause to get to the bottom. Bacteria, which settle in the hardened into tartar covering, spread an unpleasant smell when they break down uneaten food.

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inflammation as symptoms of tartar

At the latest, if you can see that the gums of your room Tigers is inflamed, you should consult a veterinarian to avoid serious health consequences. The rough surface of the neck of the tooth, the gums then already so strongly excited, that it has turned red or even slightly regressed. Again and again it comes to bleeding, and in great pain make the cats eating one.


On time and avoid consequential damage

If you recognize any of the symptoms of tartar in cats, seek a veterinarian. The sooner, the better for your cat: Because up to this point can the calculus together with inflammation or treat. These latitudes but further from, they can attack the surrounding tissue: Is bone tissue is affected, the teeth may loosen or break down. In one such periodontitis can also quickly the entire organism be at risk if the bacteria spread through the bloodstream.