Symptoms of cat scratch disease ataxia

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A cat with ataxia less moves gracefully and safely than their peers: Uncoordinated movements, tumbling, or sudden overturning are typical disorders of the musculoskeletal system of Samtpfote .

Symptoms of cat scratch disease ataxia
A cat with ataxia is recognizable by uncoordinated movements.

In many cats with ataxia, the damage to the central nervous system is already in place when they come into the world. Seen the disease is then usually when the kitten a few weeks after birth begins to run, and it does serious than his siblings.

The symptoms of ataxia

The symptoms of ataxia may vary, but are usually quickly exposed as such by the owner. It may be that the small house cat holds his head constantly obliquely, so shake or tremble. Also trembling in the eye area is possible.

The transition of affected cats is often shaky, unsteady, or stiff, the dogs can lose their balance and fall over. Some animals stretch their legs while running unusually far forward, so that the movements sweeping look than normal. A breitbeiniger transition is possible in severe cases paralysis on to front or hind legs.

On suspicion to the vet

Even if the symptoms can look bad: Almost all cats with ataxia can live very well with their illness. Even if they move differently than their peers, they get used to it, usually do not suffer pain and experience in loving, species-appropriate environment no restriction on their quality of life.

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However, you should, if you discover the symptoms in your cat, go to the vet as soon as possible, because it is important that he realizes the gravity and as far as possible the cause of ataxia in your cat. There are rare cases in which a disease worsens the symptoms of ataxia with time – for example, a tumor. In this case, the veterinarian should decide how your pet can live with this disease.