Symptoms of constipation in cats

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Symptoms of constipation in cats – Allcatsnames

Constipation in cats is a common problem. These symptoms tell you that your house cat is suffering from the symptoms.

Symptoms of constipation in cats
Typical symptoms of constipation are problems with bowel movements.

Not only we humans, our pets can also suffer as diarrhea with digestive problems. If your house cat has the following symptoms, which may indicate constipation in cats. Basically, constipation means that the cat can settle no or very little feces, because it is very hard. They tried it, but it succeeds despite heavy presses hardly. Thus, the velvet paws in pain. One of the most typical signs is that their cat loudly calls attention to the Kotabsetzen their pain and may even border.

constipation in cats, Hereby you notice it

The few feces, to an affected cat excretes, is usually extremely hard, dry, and can even be covered with mucus or blood. In the worst case, so-called Steinkot arise that can not be eliminated, it must be surgically removed.

These symptoms can also occur

Constipation in cats can accordingly also cause other unpleasant side effects. You may lose your house cat’s appetite to avoid defecation. Thus he can lose weight. Denying food can ensure that your cat absent and apathetic works because it is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients and is thereby weakened.

Health Foods for Cats: Tips and Information Symptoms of constipation in cats

In some cases, constipation in cats lead to vomiting. For if the Stubentiger the stomach contents can not be eliminated in a natural way, because it is too painful, the body will automatically alternatives.